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Author Topic: I am new to this forum with GAD with questions on this disorder  (Read 216 times)

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So I finally made the choice to join and ask for help and support from others. I am wanting to tell you all a little about my symptoms to see if anyone can relate and the possible treatments that I may choose that worked for you all. I will apologize in advanced if some of what I say seems to run or my thoughts come out jumbled up. I have had panic attacks and all of the other fun stuff with anxiety. I always seem to play up theses scenarios in my head of how I think certain situations will pain out. Normally when this is happening my heart rate goes up a little and my palms sweat. I also have a problem of thinking I may have some other mental disorder like bi polar or something else even though my shrink thinks this is not the case and just plain ole anxiety. Sometimes its as if I'm going crazy or mad and I have scary thoughts mixed with regular racing around and have a hard time focusing and jumping from task to task. I always seem to come up with negative or what if scenarios in my head. Just like when I have a ache or pain I think its something bad but not all of the time. Thanks in advanced for any insight on this and I apologize again for not being super clear on explain this.
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Re: I am new to this forum with GAD with questions on this disorder
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2014, 03:43:01 PM »
Its normal for to have those symptoms with GAD.  Will this get worse?  Could I be bi-polar or schizo? What are the doctors missing?  Have trust in your shrink when they say its just anxiety.  We all do "what if" scenarios, have racing thoughts and trouble concentrating.  The best thing to do is keep the little worries small and not blowing them up to full panic attacks. 
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