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Author Topic: Do I have GAD  (Read 236 times)

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Do I have GAD
« on: March 12, 2014, 07:05:59 PM »
Two years ago, randomly, I woke up and felt weird, dizzy, nauseous, dis oriented and just had a panic attack idk why to this day. Following that was what I guess is general anxiety/depression. The problem is I've been trying to figure it out for the past 2 years and driving myself crazy. My mind is way out there and I don't even remember remotely what is feels like to have a normal day, I forget what a normal mind feels like. I went to the doctor and thought it was gonna be something physically wrong with me like thyroid or something but it isn't

Symptoms: nervousness, constantly thinking, obsessively thinking about the anxiety, confusion, fear for the future and if I can't get rid of this, constantly questioning everything, disrupted sleep, weird sort of dizzy disoriented vision feeling, feeling down a lot, heavy heartbeat, tense neck,

My question to you guys is.... Being that this has been so embedded in me, if i get the right help will I get back to feeling normal again? I am thinking about trying meds but I cannot live like this anymore. Any input?
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Re: Do I have GAD
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2014, 07:10:48 PM »
Hi Chris,

Sounds like you have some of the symptoms that those that suffer from anxiety and/or depression have.  My suggestion would be to go to your doc and get a good physical.  The doc can also give you an educated opinion on what he thinks you are suffering from and can also suggest therapy or meds or both for you.

You can get to feeling better with anxiety and/or depression!  You don't always have to feel awful!  Take the step and make a doctor's appointment and start on the path to feeling better!

Best of luck to you!

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