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Author Topic: fear having a panic attack if i go out to hang out  (Read 299 times)

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fear having a panic attack if i go out to hang out
« on: March 09, 2014, 12:37:25 AM »
So im rather new to this forum and I havent posted much, but i have a really big fear of going out and having a panic attack. i get very nervous when i go out and i feel like i cant do anything.
 i wanna go out and hang out with this girl i really like and idk what to do. this just isnt about her it goes for everything. i dont like going anywhere but my therapist and i dont even go to work. i know this girl likes me and she slowely losing interest because i always have an excuse for not going out and we dont talk to much. idk what to do, i feel like i cant even go out and hang with my friends because im fearful of becoming that nervous in public and i dont want anyone to see me freaking out in public. i dont want to even have the feeling like im gonna have an attack so i avoid going out. like this sucks idk what to do. everyone is telling me just dont worry about it go out and just do it. how can i just do it if im too afraid to have a panic attack. i hate it SO MUCH that im just staying inside. i dont want to mess things up with this girl and i was supposed to take her out tonight, but i bailed because of my anxiety. im on zoloft 25 mg for a week now and i do feel as if its helping my anxiety and depression but i still dont want to go out. would something like xanax or klonipen help me be able to go out and be normal for at least a few hours??? again this isnt all about this girl, im too afraid to go to work, go to the store, hang with my friend that ive chilled with for like 3 years now, idk what to do. i just want my normal life back, i want to be able to have a relationship, but i dont want to tell her i have anxiety this bad cuz we've only know each other for like two weeks now and i feel like im just gonna mess it up and be alone forever and stuck inside...anyone have any tips at all, i really want to be normal again. im not good with the whole exposure therapy thing so medication and my therapy will help the most.

excuse my bad spelling please.

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Re: fear having a panic attack if i go out to hang out
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 06:27:10 AM »
Well I am a person who spent 10 years in my house. The exact same fear as yourself. Trust me you don't want to go down that road. A wasted decade. But I began fighting back. Medication did help. Therapy helped as well. But the real work had to come from me. Pushing myself out of the house. Just into the front garden to begin with. Until I felt safe there. 15 minutes a day to begin with. Break yourself back into going out slowly. It will be hard at first. Those feelings you want to stir clear of will come on. The trick is not to run from them. Hence you stay close to home to begin with. You can still see your house. The more you let those feelings come on the more your mind / body gets used to them. Then they become weaker. This is classed as exposure therapy. You build it up over time. Once you know you are safe just outside your house, you push yourself a little further. A walk in your home area. Again allowing yourself time to get used to the feelings it will bring on. I won't lie. There will be times you will want to run back home. That is all part of it. Over time you learn not to run. Check out you tube for videos on how to breathe in the correct way. Learn from those videos. Then use them when you are out to calm yourself back down. It can take time. It is a slow process. It is worth the effort.
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