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Author Topic: random bouts of dizzy the last few days WHY..need some responses im going insane  (Read 212 times)

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I cant figure it out. I know  my mother has severe vertigo and takes medication for it and sometimes lays down for days.  But I have never really gotten dizzy. I have been LIGHTHEADED ALOT for my anxiety, but never where Im walking or standing and Its like everything is moving around me, and my anxiety shoots from 4 to a 10 in 3 seconds. This happened sunday at 9 pm and yesterday at 3 pm. I have had nausea in between almost each day randomly as well. I worked through it all for 2 days, sometimes felt fine during the day didnt notice a thing. I am thinking it is the worst, absolutely thinking it is a brain tumor only because I never had this wierd dizziness and now twice in 2 days. Also saturday I saw this kid Ryan working at the UHAUL place I rented a truck from and he was talking about his freind Kurt who I knew from school and said he just had surger from a benign brain tumor he had. And that was on saturday, and now sunday night is when I got dizzy and that made me thinking of a brain tumor and it hasnt left, and the dizzy/vertigo spell came back yesterday.  Please give me some input on what the hell this is... anxiety vertigo brain tumor bppv inner ear I have no clue.................
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How long does the spell last?   Could be a piece of wax shifting.   I will get the horrible vertigo sensation that will last for maybe 3 seconds, (that's been going on since I was dating my husband and that was back in the 70's! I recall sitting at the kitchen table with him and him mom and I all of a sudden grabbed onto the table because I thought I was going to fall! So obviously it's nothing bad since that was in 1978!) but one day about 2 weeks ago it lasted about 30 seconds that's a LONG time when the whole room seems to be spinning!  (I was posting on HERE as a matter of fact!)  I had to grab onto the computer chair armrests and it just kept going on and on and on!  I was already getting scared, thinking, "Should I yell for my husband? Is this going to stop??" After it was all over I put several drops of hydrogen peroxide in my ears (it's supposed to dissolve wax) - I was fine since then.  Try that.  Or maybe a crystal in your middle ear became dislodged - but usually that will make you feel like you are on a boat on the high seas.  the spinning dizziness they say could be anxiety related, but I always think it's from my middle ear or wax.
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it happens to me as well. i hate it. but i think mine has to do with my chronic tinnitus in my left ear
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