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Author Topic: Worry when something is normal?  (Read 243 times)

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Worry when something is normal?
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:43:33 AM »
OK, this is what I mean:
I have a commercial driver's license which REQUIRES me to get a physical every 2 years and requires my blood pressure to be under 140/90 - in 1998 I couldn't pass the physical and ended up taking blood pressure medication.   I do monitor it all the time at home because I have white coat syndrome, so the doctor uses my home numbers.  With medication I'd run high 120's to high 130's over mid to high 70's...  in August of this years I started getting top readings in the teens and bottom numbers in the low 60's, so I cut back the medication and eventually stopped it.

I'd continue to monitor the pressure almost daily to make SURE.  When I saw my doctor in December for my regular BP check I told him I stopped the medication, told him my BP has been normal!  I asked him why and he didn't know!  (I didn't increase any exercise, I didn't lose any weight, I am actually under MORE stress now than I had been) He didn't KNOW??? - so of course at that time I started googling "causes of low blood pressure"  (figuring me being NORMAL when it should be high is like a regular person having LOW pressure)  So then I started worrying why my blood pressure is normal!  So... anyone on here THAT crazy?   :spineyes:
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Re: Worry when something is normal?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2014, 10:53:00 AM »
Ahhhhh.....the whole, "I'm doing pretty good, but I'm STILL waiting for the other shoe to drop" thingy:)

Anxiety peeps just don't know when to quit - do we? LOL:)

Well, it's BECAUSE we have anxiety disorder(s) / health anxiety that we seemingly don't know when to quit. Yes, we can have the urge and the driving compulsion to have all the answers. We can have those intrusive, "what if's?" hound us, at times. But, ultimately, we do not have to chase those answers...we do not have 'understand' everything....we do not have to try to figure out, fully, what's coming up in our future.

Our minds have been 'rewired', so to speak, to expect bad news. We can live in fear of it. And, because of this, it can affect our quality of life (we know this because all the peeps here on The AZ have had their quality of life affected by anxiety).

Through our reactions to our intrusive thoughts, our compulsions and through our protective want to just live a long time (but live well), we can sure help ourselves accept anxiety - and its place in our lives. Keep in mind that a reaction can be NOT reacting out of panicked fear. Not googling. Not scheduling another Doc visit. Not overly feeling up and mashing, prodding body parts. Not self-checking vitals. Not avoiding things (such as exercise as we feel our heart just might blowup). Not asking a loved one, "Does this look OK?". Etc.

Of course, all those things can be incredibly hard to do, when we are struggling. 'Old habits die hard' is the saying. But, this is what we must work towards. Not reacting out of fear. Not embracing the counterproductive habits and actions and mindsets that will keep us locked up in fear cycles. It is through allowing ourselves to see, firsthand, that bad things, overwhelmingly - sooooo overwhelmingly, will not actually happen to us when we move away from those counterproductive measures we are holding onto as 'protection' as to when we might seek out a viable healing path. There is little (to no) protection. And, in fact, these 'protective' measures cement our position in allowing anxiety to have too much guidance over our overall well-being. We are working to have anxiety have LESS dominance in our lives. Not more....which is what happens when we just can't seem to move away from the bad habits.

Sorry, longwinded answer to your question:) YES....many peeps here are THAT 'crazy' - me too:) LOL! We are all pretty much in the same boat. Some are paddling quite well towards land (some lasting peace)....others are caught up in the currents floundering a bit - or a lot. All of us can reach that nice sandy beach:) Our actions, habits and mindsets matter....they soooooooo matter.

Peace and Feel Well:)
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