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Author Topic: Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this? o.o  (Read 244 times)

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I haven't done this in a while, mostly been keeping my mind preoccupied with things that don't scare me. I'll start at the beginning. So about two years ago, I started seeing afterimages and trails, they have gradually gotten more intense but I've become used to them, they're mostly really strong if I have not slept, I have overslept, or if all the lights are off and im watching tv or on my computer. A little over a year ago I developed "double vision" I did go to the doctor for it and it turns out that its just ghost images due to an astigmatism. Though I didnt mention my afterimages to the doctor x.x I was terrified, which is not a good enough excuse. So my main issue is that about last week i've started walking my dog for thirty minutes a day (she was diagnosed with doggy diabetes). Before this I really didn't get much exercise at all. As I was walking I looked at my phone and then I looked up to a street sign, well it took about two seconds before my eyes fully focused on the sign, and I tested it by looking at my hand then back at some sort of far away object and it continued. It only lasts for about 5-10 minutes after the walk but I dont think about it soon enough to test when it starts. One thing i've always had when walking is if I close my eyes it looks like... hmm... how to explain this... It looks like moving? kind of like if you look at the ground with peripheral vision, and its moving kind of fast, except theres not much definition. XD sorry that was awful. I'm pretty worried for my brain, I know that I need to see a doctor and i'm definitely working up to it x.x I was just curious if anyone else had experienced anything similar to this. Thank you!

Also, one of my friends thought it might be some after effects of a car accident I had in 2010. I was unconscious for about five minutes and when I got to the hospital my speech was slurred and I couldn't get any words out properly. They didnt give me any kind of scans though x.x they told me it was just anxiety.
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Defiantly. I had all the eye problems , trails, floaters, flashes etc. why am I saying "had" I mean "have" because they still haven't gone away, my visual snow is worst though, for 2 long years  I worried about retinal detachment or going blind and I went to the optician and my eyes were perfect, the feeling when he told me was such a happy feeling. My sister gets that focusing thing you said you had while walking your dog (sorry about the diabetes) and all she needed was glasses, but she had a scratched retina.
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I experience the after images and trails, as well! I even get vague positive after images in the morning. The trails and after images are worse in the morning. I even have ghosting!

But yes, I have had the thing where it takes a little while for my eyes to focus. It could be eye strain, but as for your case, I definitely think your accident plays a role.
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Also maybe some kind of visual miggrane? If so, not a big deal.
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