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Author Topic: Treating GAD Without Medication  (Read 1489 times)

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Treating GAD Without Medication
« on: February 25, 2014, 08:18:43 PM »
Where do I start? I'm now 17, and have suffered with GAD for the past 2 years. But with many great supports, and my own determination and strength, I have been able to control my anxiety, to a considerably lower level, which is now much easier to manage. To start out, I have a mother diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and had a brother with Schizophrenia, which fuelled my worries. I was so terrified that I would wake up one day, with Bi-polar disorder or Schizophrenia. . To the point where I would convince myself that I had them. Even with the reassurance of Psychiatrists, GP's, a therapist, none of it was enough to eliminate my fear completely. Always needing reassurance from doctors. Not only did I have those fears, but also other common fears which were accompanied with GAD. Living with my brother with schizophrenia was difficult, providing my fear. After seeing my doctor and therapist for a few months for my GAD, and some alternative therapies, my anxiety was very manageable. I finally knew how it felt to be myself again, and it felt good. Until last summer my brothers schizophrenia was too much for him and he took his own life. My previous fears of mental illness and symptoms quickly surfaced back, along with the pain and grief from losing my beautiful older brother. After my grieving I was left with severe and debilitating anxiety, much worse than before. I was then given the option for antidepressants. With a lot of contemplation, refusing medication, I continued with CBT and alternative options. After 7 months after the tragic event of my brother, I have been fortunate enough to be able to manage my GAD, and it's been one my greatest accomplishments.

Remember, the cure for anxiety isn't being completely anxiety free, the cure is being able to live day to day healthy, being the real you. And not being restricted by the debilitating effects of anxiety.

This is how I have been able to manage my anxiety:
- CBT Therapy
- Eating Healthy
- No Caffeine
- Hitting the gym at least once a week. (More depending on anxiety level)
- Baths with essential oils and epsom salts.
- Support from my loving father
- Vitamin b-complex
- Vitamin D (especially during winter when there is lack of sun)
- Occasional Yoga
- Occasional Meditation
- And do the things you enjoy!
- Don't forget to treat yourself once in a while! (I would treat myself to a facial or massage)

I really hope this helps any of you in the tiniest bit, feel free to ask me any questions. And best of luck with your journey with mental illness.
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Re: Treating GAD Without Medication
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2014, 12:02:37 PM »
Ruckster, it sounds like you have a great regime filled with many approaches.  You are like me and that multi-prong apporach  has also given me success over GAD.  I'm very sorry to hear about your brother.  I can hear resilience in your writing, and acceptance.  Accepting that life is not about being anxiety free, but being able to manage the anxiousness and be the real you.  I learned much of that with ACT therapy.

My regime includes:  ACT therapy, mindful meditation, Buddhist chanting, affirmations, physical exercise, Buspar, self massage and comforting.  And yes remembering to do what I enjoy, what makes me feel alive.  Remember what I value and what gives my life meaning, and making time for those things.  I realized that good friendships were one of the most important values I had.  So I am striving to start new friendships, to rebuild old ones.  I am focusing on my novel writing.  One thing that has helped me when I was most anxious, I'd ask:  "If I wasn't anxious tonight, what would I do differently?"  That was a powerful question to allow me to see beyond being stuck to what is possible.  And some nights it gave me new options and I took them!

It's almost like we create our own personalize cocktail to address anxiousness and move our lives forward.  I'm even starting a Meetup group for people with GAD in Chicago so we can meet face to face and support each other.  Thanks for sharing your message, Ruckster, and much continued happiness.
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