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Author Topic: How to Avoid Google  (Read 290 times)

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How to Avoid Google
« on: February 24, 2014, 04:14:47 PM »
I'm going to assume that everyone reading this post regardless of age or social-economic background grew up in the information age and over time has developed a deep respect for Google. How many of us used the internet to download clift-note versions of books. Could you even go back and count how many book reports or collage pagers which you couldn't have written without Google. Or how many youtube videos which you never would have seen without a search engine. It feels as if we can become the expert on any subject just by entering in the correct search query into the all knowing internet.

How many light years is it between here and the nearest star?
How fast does light travel in a vacuum?
What is the latest movie David Tennant stared in?
In what episode of Battlestar Galactica Gaius Balter tortured by the cylons, and How to you spell Gaius Balter anyways?

All this information and more can be found nearly instantaneously on the internet.

For me it's even gotten to the point where I view the internet as analogous to my own personal external hard-drive, where I store information that I will need in the future is not important enough to waist CPU cycles writing to memory.

So when you end up with health problems it's only natural to turn to Google for help. And suddenly we find ourselves confronted with information which we have no context to interpret. Information which would take several years of training in order for us to acquire the background knowledge necessary to understand it. It's no wounder we end up coming to the wrong conclusions. That we run to the doctor convinced we have some life threatening condition and they send us home with the standard advice of going home and taking it easy, and telling us that whatever physical symptoms we have aren't at all abnormal.

The thing is our entire live are setup to use the internet as our our go to resource for information an a variety of subjects so it's really difficult to retrain ourselves. To accept that no we can't be our own doctor and that we are going to have to trust that medical professionals actually have our best interested in mind.

We don't develop health anxieties because we are dumb but because we are smart.
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