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Author Topic: I feel so weird/different & worry is taking over!  (Read 275 times)

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I feel so weird/different & worry is taking over!
« on: February 21, 2014, 04:13:00 PM »
Okay so I have a serious fear of depression. I've always been a super happy, fun-loving, optimistic person. Until recently-- my anxiety is starting to take over and I'm scared. I cannot stop worrying about the future! Every day, I struggle with what I'm going to do with my life, how scared I am to move out into a new house with my future husband, worrying that I can't handle life in general. It's starting to scare me because I WANT to look forward to these exciting changes in my life and I know I should (and deep down, I think I am excited), but I can't help but fear them. I fear moving into a new house too far from my parent's place and absolutely hating it and being miserable. It doesn't help that I'll be alone al the time due to my FH's nightshift schedule. I also had some scary self-harm obsessions, which I think make my fears worse because what if I can't handle life and actually want to act on those scary thoughts?! Ugh. Anxiety sucks. I just want to get back to my old, care-free self. I'm fine when I'm busy, but then I start over analyzing and thinking about all these worries and how scary life is and worrying that I'll never life a normal life. I just feel weird and different and I'm so scared. Are there any self-help books that focus on these issues or that would help me in general? Please help!
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Re: I feel so weird/different & worry is taking over!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2014, 04:48:36 PM »
hi, first of all i just want to tell you that you arent the only one. you worry about future, i worry about what i will do 2moro. i have been home for a year now with no work and school. just locked in my room all day because its too cold and the winter sucks here in canada.

i worry at night when i go to sleep, that what will i do 2moro when i wake up, i panic and feel lonely and depressed cause i have nothing to do. so i sleep all day thinking why do i need to wake up, i have nothing to do. i keep tihnking what i will do 2moro, what will i do at dinner time, i worry about every hour. and its making me feel crazy as well, but its getting better slowly day by day, i just spend my time here and help people and share my feelings. its helping alot,

now i can actually sit with my family in the living room, because it was a struggle to even leave my room and sit with family to eat dinner.
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