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Author Topic: constant heart worries  (Read 221 times)

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constant heart worries
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:31:48 AM »
Hello All,
  I have been dealing with health anxiety for sometime now as this is common on my fathers side but nowhere near is anyone as bad as me.
I have had a lot going on in my life. I just experienced my 6 death in 2 year, about two month ago I laid my grandfather to rest from a quick onset of ALS. and last week I laid my other grandfather to rest from a courageous battle with spine cancer! Needless to say my anxiety levels are high at this point.
my heart has been of concern since they detected a short pr.interval 3 years ago. This was found on a ekg and I wore a heart monitor then for about 24 hours. I have then seeked tx with 3 diff cardio drs. I just feel like something is not being diagnosed
 Im 28 years old my bp for the most part is fin but my pulse is what gets crazy usually with my spells. I recently had a eco done and they said everything was functioning great and no need to worry however i feel like i always have these chest pains and just chest discomfort. I dont know what to do i feel empty like my life is just destioned to be of suffering with no answers as to why i have to deal with this on a regular basis.
P.s. I noticed that these symptoms are way worse when im on my monthly cycle. Does anyone else suffer from this or have any helpful insight?
Thank you
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Re: constant heart worries
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2014, 06:22:40 AM »
Welcome and sorry you're experiencing all of this.  Yes, anxiety can cause everything you're feeling and your month cycle can make it worse.  Good news is you've been checked out and everything is fine so relax and focus your energy on dealing with anxiety - not your heart.  What do you mean your blood pressure is "mostly fine"?
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Re: constant heart worries
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2014, 07:36:34 AM »
With so many deaths, its understandable your anxiety skyrocketed. When someone dies especially prematurely, you think of your mortality but you're still most likely to die sometime after 65.

And yes my hormones make my anxiety worse.

As far as chest pain have you looked in reflux disease, it goes hand and hand with anxiety
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Re: constant heart worries
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2014, 09:13:06 AM »
Welcome to anxietyzone. I have also gone through similar issues. My mother, father, uncle and a pet all
passed away within a years time. It is no fun and can cause you to worry about yourself more. I would try to
practice any self help or other techniques possible, such as meditation, bio-feedback, therapy, etc.
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