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Author Topic: anxiety builds up before going out, but once im out im fine... suggestions?  (Read 167 times)

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Why is it that every time I have plans to go out and do something social (only if alchohol is involved) I get major anxiety leading up to the event, so  much so that I don't even feel like going... but then once I get there I am totally fine. I have only been this way for a little over a year now. The thought of drinking alcohol gives me anxiety so I rarely drink. I never used to be this way. Problem is, is my friends and family are very social and there are tons of get togethers and they always involve alcohol. I know its easy to say just go out and don't drink, which sometimes I do do, but then I feel like everyone is looking at me like what the heck is wrong with her? Or like I am mental or no fun for not even having one drink. Is this happening because I am getting older at 35? Is this happening because of my work (we deal with alcoholics/cirrhosis and those patients look awful... but I know that wouldn't happen to me as it only happens to heavy duty drinkers). I just hate the anxiety feeling that leads up to events. How can i make it go away? I have accepted the anxiety, like everytime I know i am going out i know i will be anxious until i get there and then im fine... but why do always get that way? Or better yet, since I get that way, how should i deal with it?
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Welcome to the wonderful world of social anxiety.  I've lived it with my entire life.  I get so anxious leading up to social events and sometimes even just cancel plans so I don't have to go.

A few things help me - one, like you said, is knowing that you are OK once you get there.  The second is realizing that I really am an introvert and social interactions drain me.  I have to make sure I have to myself or I'm one big ball of anxiety.

Good luck
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