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Author Topic: Help! Lump moving up and doWn throat  (Read 341 times)

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Help! Lump moving up and doWn throat
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:18:23 AM »
Hi all, a few weeks ago I was put on omeprazole to tackle a potential reflux issue and also some nasal spread to tackle a leaky mucus issue. It was an effort to find out what was causing a rattling, wheezing, crackling chest problem so tackling from both top and bottom.

Ok so the problem, I had suffered recently on a flight with what could be described as reflux following over indulgence in free champers and orange juice which is why the above medicine was prescribed. I am 4 weeks in now and the last week I have had this horrible feeling of something moving from around the solar plexus region up to the back of my throat and down again. Swallowing gives very very brief respite ie seconds, then it's back. I have had a cpl of nights out the last two days and drunk two pints of ale on both occasions, this seems to settle it for about an hour then it comes back.

I am so worried it's something really serious now like cancer of the osophagus or stomach and can't understand why the omeprazole has stopped it as it's having a positive effect on my stomach as a whole.

Help! I am freaking out.
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