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Author Topic: Need advice plz  (Read 148 times)

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Need advice plz
« on: February 08, 2014, 11:10:57 PM »
Hey y'all I'm Adam I'm 26 this all started for me n July I woke up one morning thought I was dying my stomach was killing me for the next 2 months I was n out of the er n doctors all most every day they did cat scans brain scans every blood test out there my doctor of )26 years finally said it was anxiety I told him bs it couldn't be then ab week later it went away after 2 months of this I lost over 50 lbs I couldn't eat sleep or anything for them 2 months then n nov it started again n I finally accepted it was gad n pad my doc gave me 2 thumbs up n said that's the first step to admit it he first put me on Zoloft I was Allergic to it then he try this anti seizure med started with a c it made me sleep sicker so first of jan my other doctor his wife put me on this meds called buspar it was working great I still had few panic attacks nothing bad till yesterday day n I had a really bad one that even the hydroxyzine didn't stop I had tremors cramps shakes for 10'30 till 4 to I got a shot n it calmed me down stopped the shakes but today I've Ben more anxious then ever is this normal I can only taken 25 mg of buspar anything more makes my head hurt makes me a real bad 0104 hole I go therapy once a week but so far its just Ben talking getting know each other idk nothing ab what I got just some stuff I read online any advice will be helpful thank y'all
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Re: Need advice plz
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 08:57:59 AM »
Hi Punk,

Welcome to the forum.  You are now a member of our community, where you will find support and advice from other members in similar situations.   It's always nice to find someone else who understands, and to know you're not alone.

We have sections in the forum that address specific concerns, so feel free to post or start a new topic in the section that best fits your situation.  Feel free to explore the rest of the forum.  You may find the other topics helpful, and you may be able to offer advice or support to someone else.

We also have a chat room for members over the age of 18.  Once you have made three meaningful posts, you will be allowed access to the chat room.

Punk, one suggestion I have for you is to talk to your therapist about what you WANT out of therapy.  When I started therapy, I actually told my therapist that I didn't want to just TALK about the problem....I wanted strategies to help me deal with it.  He taught me relaxation techniques, some meditation tips, etc.  which did help me to deal with it.

Good luck to you, and again, welcome to AZ.

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