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« on: February 08, 2014, 11:05:06 PM »
Hello, I'm a new member from Boring, OR.  We have a lot of snow right now.  I am a 63 year old female, like everybody here, I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks.  I had a helluva one today, like never before.  I was dreaming this early a.m. that I was in a foot race, like in a mall, and I noticed I was having problems breathing so I ran some more and came up to another runner and was still having weird breathing when I woke up and it was happening for real!  I drank some chamomile tea to calm down but couldn't sit still and was freaking out so I had my boyfriend call an ambulance.  They came over and checked me out and thought I was okay, better, any way so I decided not to go the hospital.  Six hours later I was still in a terrible state, tightness in chest, panicky, heart thumping, high blood pressure.  I have 2 Atavans left that I got mail order because no doctors will prescribe anything helpful but I broke down and took one and a hot bath, felt better, finally.  The problem is, every night when I go to bed, my heart starts the heavy thumping, like last night and at midnight last night I took a Valium so I could sleep!  Tonight I'm staying on the couch because when I sleep with my boyfriend, I'm afraid my tossing and turning is bothering him so I actually get worse!  Any of this sound familiar?
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Re: Newbie
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 05:55:31 AM »
Hello, bluestblue, welcome to Anxiety Zone!  :action-smiley-065:

That is right, you have come to the right place as regards panic/ anxiety attacks. Sounds familiar. Our community is all about sharing experience and mutual support. Many members have similar stories. I hope you find your staying here beneficial.

I would suggest you browse through the forums, find the ones you have interest in and post or start a new topic if you like. Besides forums, we have other features here, one of them being the chatroom. In order to enter chat, you must be 18 years or older and have made 3 meaningful posts. You might also be interested in the AZ wire, which is a social network for our members.

Nice to have you on board! Good luck on your journey to recovery. Leo
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