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Author Topic: Health anxiety made me foolosh yesterday.Went to ER middle of night. Need help  (Read 365 times)

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Offline Sani

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Hi i am having very bad urinary urgency and frequency since a week almost. Its so bad that every time i pee within a minute the pressure starts building again and gets bad in sometime. I had a blood test in august last year and all was okay. I have been under depresssion stress because of my family of originin sincemy son 20 months now was born. I am 36 yrs old and live in NY

I just feel its a tumor thats pressing on my bladder. Its not UTI i never get them. I even checked with azo strips, no infection and the symptoms r not liek uti. I do have some burning all the time around my urethra. I did shave the area  a day before all this happened.

When i got too anxious yday night i just decided to go to ER. At 1 am!!! They made me wait forever obviously as it wasnt life threatening and then i saw a PA. She sent my urine for culture wont have the results today.
She manually checked my abdomen pelvis and said its soft and not distended or anything and with a tumor usually it gets hard somewhere.
I think about all the people that get misdiagnosed with ovarian cancer etc and I am sure their abdomen gets palpated as well and they still get sent back.
I am also constipated since this started.

Please whats going on is it fibroids,my ovaries, colon?

I have had ovarian cysts and always the symptoms were dischanrge and pain so its not that

Please help me someone
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Offline anxietycoachNH

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Sorry you're not feeling well, those symptoms can be quite uncomfortable BUT these symptoms can be associated with a number of non-life threatening issues. With health anxiety it's SO easy to jump to the worst case scenario, like cancer, it's even easier these days with access to information like WebMD. I used to feel the compulsion to research every symptom I was experiencing on WebMD, it only reinforced my anxiety and definitely didn't reassure me, I always felt more anxious after spending hours searching my concerns, like heart defects. This worst-case thinking is a symptom of anxiety, it's natural to worry about our health issues but anxiety has a way of ballooning it up from concern to terror. Our anxiety thinks by doing this it's protecting us, when in reality the fear is misguided.

Go to your primary care provider (especially if this is a new issue) and explain your symptoms, they have protocols to follow in order to rule out all potential health issues, and if your symptoms persists they will take pictures (ultrasound, CT scan, etc.) which will be able to see something serious like cancer.
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Oh sweet im so sorry you're feeling this way.
They should have been able to tell right away if you have a uti by checking for leucocytes, nitrites and white blood cells in your urine.if these are apparent then they should send a sample to the lab and prescribe anti biotics.
It sounds Just like an infection to me..I'm a nurse.
Do you have regular cervical screening where you are? This should put your mind at ease about tumours etc
Hope you feel better about things soon.
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