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Author Topic: Not really having panic attacks, but anxiety about symptoms  (Read 397 times)

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Not really having panic attacks, but anxiety about symptoms
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:40:29 AM »
Okay, so lately I have been doing well panic attack wise, but I still do somewhat frequently get really anxious about my symptoms. Lately, it's been my heart and chest. Sometimes it aches, sometimes I have pains, it can be in my heart area, or in other areas of my chest. Sometimes my left arm, once my right arm, and sometimes in my left leg, I'll get some pains. It isn't like pain that lasts a long time, but it happens, goes away, kinda comes back. And my chest will feel warm, and I feel all locked up. I also feel jittery a lot, like I'm about to just bust out, so to speak. I've had a lot of anxiety lately, and I'll kinda go through some events of my life and what has added my anxiety, keep in mind I am currently about 19 and a half years old.

October 2007: Dad dies when I am only 13 from a heart attack, have to go live with my grandparents in a new town, start a new school

September 2008: Anxiety starts and diagnosis

May 2010: Drivers Ed car wreck which leaves me scared of being in cars for awhile and ultimately made me wait to get my license (I have recovered since from this, I drive almost everyday and am not scared of wrecks anymore)

December 2012: Grandma who is my dads mom, who helped raise me, was admitted to the hospital and almost died. She is currently back home and recovered and alive. She has vascular dementia (and is taking medicine for it)

March 2013: I find out due to malpractice, I have to go have bloodwork done to see if I have HIV/Hepatitis from a dentist I saw once in 2009 for wisdom teeth removal, along with 7,000 other people. Bloodwork showed up clean, but still scared the ***** out of me.

January 2014: My grandma, my moms mom, was diagnosed as a prediabetic and this has made me a bit scared I might have diabetes, because I used to drink a ton of pop. I have quit pop as of months ago, but I still want to get it checked out.

Another thing I am kind of worrying about is I was kinda sick, and coughing a lot and had a little bit of blood in some mucus I coughed up. I rarely get sick these days, so I went to a doctor (not my usual, as this was a weekend and they were closed) at Urgent Care and they looked me over,  listened to my body and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and said to take these if I don't get better in a few days. I am currently taking them as instructed but it scares me in the sense of do I really need them, what if its viral, what if the antibiotics don't work (this whole antibiotics not working talk is getting me worried lately), what if I don't and it worsens my immune system or makes me sick, but at the same time I am feeling better and my cough is starting to go away...

Also on the left side of my torso, like next to the stomach I hear burps and farting noises and wonder if maybe I have indigestion or trapped gas or something. Sorry, I am just a huge worrier...
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