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Author Topic: Had anxiety before but this time it's different?? Very worried  (Read 287 times)

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Had anxiety before but this time it's different?? Very worried
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:05:36 PM »
Hi everyone

Quick back story
18, healthy weight, somewhat regular exercise, decent diet.
Anxiety, depression and bipolar is fairly common in my family.
I've dealt with some anxiety and depression in the past which didn't last very long and have had few panic attacks

This time it has been a whole other animal, 100x what I've felt in the past. A week ago a day after smoking weed I had a anxiety attack and it flared up some derealization. I've had some of these symptoms in the past from smoking weed but they tend to go after a few days. Since a week ago I haven't been the same, I've been anxious pretty much 24/7 with constant obsessive anxious thoughts which makes me dizzy and nauseated. I rarely want to leave the bed or do anything because everything feels so overwhelming despite having the most relaxed life anyone could ask for

My main concern is this... Even when I'm seemingly calm and relaxed my mind feels over stimulated and extremely fragile. It's like literally almost everything I do gives me a fright and makes my brain go "ahhhh", it feels like I have constant tension in my head. For example just before I was writing and my pen slipped off the page which made gave me a fright and triggered my anxiety to be intensified. Or yesterday I was watching a youtube clip and someone fell off a segway and I reacted in fear as if I was in that situation about to fall. I can't play video games because it's too overwhelming and when I get a small hint of adrenaline it turns into anxiety out of nowhere. Or like my t shirt fell off my desk and it gave me a fright as if I was falling with the t shirt. Like literally anything feel like it could send my brain into a freakout

Are these examples I've given symptoms of anxiety? Like am I in constant fight or flight or something? Or is this a separate issue and something else?

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Re: Had anxiety before but this time it's different?? Very worried
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 06:40:29 AM »
It would appear that you are living on the edge. Jumpy. It can be anxiety based. But it can get better too. I think you are just on full guard. Even if we are not having a panic attack we can be on guard as if to expect one. So anything happens around you, you react to it. Because you are on full guard. Just a case of finding things that can relax you. Take your mind off of life for a while. Look around you. See there is nothing in the room that can cause you any real harm at all. Try to accept this fact. That you are safe where you are at. You might begin to relax a bit more. Feel more at ease with your surroundings.
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Re: Had anxiety before but this time it's different?? Very worried
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2014, 10:27:53 PM »
I get like this sometimes. You should stop smoking the weed that you are and find a better breed. I know that weed used to give me anxiety at times (i've only smoked a dozen or less times) and is why I no longer smoke with friends. One of my friends knows a lot about weed and there are actually different kinds that will trigger anxiety and some that will help with it. My friend actually has a medical marijuana card for his anxiety.

In regards to the intensity of your situation now you should try to get your mind active and doing something. For me its the dishes, cleaning the house, chores. Something that is not going to toy with your emotions. It will get your mind distracted. This works great for me and in a few days the it brings my brain to a more calmer level.

If you are anything like me video games are one of my downfalls. I love them but they are intense. They cause me to become overly stressed and trigger my anxiety because when I am stressed I get lots of random intrusive thoughts and get jumpy. Also staring at the screen for so long gives me headaches and eye pain, which adds additional anxiety.

My suggestion is to try and get your mind off of everything and stay away from things that could stress you or play with your emotions. Your body and mind will slowly relax and you will feel better as you come to an understanding that nothing is really wrong but that you are too stressed about how you are feeling.
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