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Author Topic: Did anyone opt to stay on medication for good their first time out?  (Read 293 times)

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I know data supports the benefits of longer-term treatment with the SSRIS, SNRIS, etc. So presuming the GI side effects stay generally tolerable I fully plan to stay on the Lexapro another year or so. I was just curious if anyone, the first time they found one that worked for them, opted to or was recommended to stay on it continuously. Rather than stopping and perhaps starting up again a few years later if they got into another bad patch.

I find that since I've been on an SSRI I feel more intellectually driven, I feel more motivated to get housework done, to cook dinner on work nights for my family, generally just feel like I can handle more.  I've seen benefits from challenges I had prior to having full blown depression and anxiety....that overwhelmed feeling had been ongoing for a couple of years. Of course I'm doing other things: exercise, meditation, getting more sleep. But I feel I've been more EFFECTIVE at coping mechanisms since being on the medication.

Anyway, just thinking about these things and wondering if it's better to come off after a year or two and go with the flow for awhile or stay on continously and face the probable "poop out" down the line that people discuss.

Of course at the end of the day I'm going to follow my psychiatrist's advice because I trust her fully, but just curious about your thoughts.
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Re: Did anyone opt to stay on medication for good their first time out?
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 09:55:04 AM »
Hi Melody...

I was first started on an anti-depressant some four and a half years ago, and have been on one, continuously.  Like you, I see a psychiatrist, and have great trust in her.  She did a very thorough initial intake on me, and felt that my past history warranted the continuous use of an anti-depressant.

Last summer, I did have a problem when the Remeron I was on, stopped working for me.  I had to be started on Celexa (Citalopram).  It is my understanding though, that when starting an anti-depressant for the second time, one is apt to experience more severe side effects, and/or different ones.  Also, a higher dose of the anti-depressant may be required to get the same results as the initial use of the medication.  There is also the possibility of the anti-depressant not working at all.  According to one study, the odds of anti-depressants working drops by about 20% each time they are stopped and then restarted.  And this applies to all anti-depressants, not just the one taken previously.  So statistics do indicate that if your history warrants it, it is better to stay on an anti-depressant continuously.  I plan on being on one the rest of my life.

The very best to you, Melody!...  Chuck
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