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Author Topic: Hello! College student starting my life terrified :D  (Read 234 times)

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Hello! College student starting my life terrified :D
« on: January 21, 2014, 06:44:30 AM »
Hey there, new here. I didn't intend to join an anxiety forum, I was actually freaking out to myself about seeing lights in my vision at when I first wake up lately and Googling possible causes when I stumbled onto this forum and saw that other people here had seen something similar in a post from a few years ago. I woke up at 4am to pee, saw some momentary shifting light and can't go back to sleep. Luckily I'm still on semester break and vacay from work. Still, it calmed me down a little, I'd rather it be my mind playing tricks on me than retinal detachment or brain cancer, mind tricks I'm used to.

So here I am, I figure I could probably learn/contribute, also it's something to do until an eye doctor's open to go get checked out. I'm a 23-year-old male college student in Chicago graduating this Spring and starting my life. With the lights in the eye thing, I think it goes without saying that I'm haunted by horrible fears of going blind, especially being an art student who will have to build a life around visual design work. My main poisons are a compulsive need to check locks, windows, and gas stoves multiple times a night or before leaving my apartment for fear of my apartment being destroyed or burglarized and owing some life-destroyingly huge debt because of it. Fear of sex and not being able to perform, that no one will understand my inexperience or care to accommodate me. Oh, and can't can't forget meteors hitting Chicago where I'm at, planes falling from the sky and living in a big city, being fallen on and paralyzed or killed by a suicidal roof diver. Nice to meet you all! :D
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Re: Hello! College student starting my life terrified :D
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 07:28:09 AM »
Hello, ThemYenas,

nice to meet you too  :action-smiley-065:! Welcome to our community.
Different people, different fears, different struggles, different paths. But all in all, we are very much alike :).

'Introduce yourself' forum is a good place for new members to start but naturally you may wanna browse other forums/ sections of Anxiety Zone and find the ones you have interest in. Feel free to post or start a new topic. You may get more feeback in topic specific forums.
Some of our other features here include the always popular chat, open for all members over age 18, who have made 3 meaningful posts. AZ Wire is a social network for members.

Once again, nicee to have you on board and all best on your way to recovery!

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