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Author Topic: GAD - How long will lightheadedness last?  (Read 401 times)

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GAD - How long will lightheadedness last?
« on: January 16, 2014, 01:12:05 PM »
Hello... I just registered tonight and find this forum full of information.  I hope can find someone experiencing the same agony and torture I am feeling

I have lightheadedness from the time I get up in the morning until the time I go to bed.  I constantly have a feeling of swaying when I walk and have eye floaters when I am outside or looking at a computer screen.  It seems to be worse when I am at work and improves when I go to the gym or sit down and watch TV after a hot shower.  However, I have been like this for almost 6 months and never had a break from it.  Other people experience bouts or panic attacks.... it is constant for me.

Yes... I have been tested for everything....Through the mill.  In the beginning I was hospitalized for 5 days thinking I had a heart condition.  EKG, stress test, stress echo, cardiac MRI and ultimately a cardiac catheterization. They performed a cardiac catheterization because I was complaining of chest pain and my stress and stress echo tests came back "inconclusive." Fortunately, nothing was found... not a heart problem.  Blood pressure is controlled through medication.  All types of blood work... everything normal. The cardiologist suggested that I see a GI doctor.

So on to the ENT doctor.... performed an MRI of the brain and sinus passages... again, all came back negative.  Onto the neurologist with the advice from my internist.. I was convinced I had MS.  He performed some tests and said I was fine.  He explained to me that I was too stressed at not breathing correctly and that I should "belly" breathe and start having fun again.  His last words were "I doubt I will ever see you gain."

On to the eye doctor... 20/20 vision.  She stated it can be normal to get floaters... but if they get worse, I should come see her again.  (Detached retina... I don't think so.  Floaters started when the lightheaded feeling said "hello.")

So here I am back to my internist (says I have GAD)... he put me on Prozac... that did not work.  He suggested Lexapro... we started and 5mg and went up to 30mg.  I am on it for 6 weeks now and I feet the same.  He suggest that I see a therapist (6 sessions already) and perhaps try a different medication...  Not too sure if I want to go that route as far as medication.  I am not convinced medication is the answer.  So that's where I am right now along with visiting a chiropractor to help relief the neck tension. 

I am fustrated because nothing is helping!!! Not even breathing exercises.  I cannot shake this feeling of lightheadedness.  Each day is torture for me. Is this GAD???  Stress?  Anxiety?

I am not convinced that GAD can last for 6 months or can it?.  Sure... I worry about money... health and family.  Who doesn't.  I have a son with ADHD that stresses me out every day.  And yes, my marriage takes a lot of effort. Plus, I have a negative cash flow every month that requires me to withdraw money out of the bank to live.

I am at wits end... I cannot enjoy life anymore.  No one understands this torture... Not even my wife.

Stress can do this????  Anxiety?

Am I alone feeling like this???

I look around and everyone is enjoying life.  I am not asking for much... I just want to have a normal day again.

Will this ever end?

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Re: GAD - How long will lightheadedness last?
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2014, 03:15:09 PM »
Hi "J"...  Welcome to Anxiety Zone!  You are by far, not alone...

I think that you will find that everyone here on the GAD forum, has at least experienced degrees of what you are going through.  What you wrote, pretty much describes my history with anxiety/panic attacks/depression.

Feelings of dizziness/lightheadedness is a major component of anxiety and is actually the #1 complaint of individuals seen in an emergency room.  It is by far my #1 symptom.  I pretty much have some degree of it on a daily basis.

Like you, I went the whole route with physicians, and I had a cardiac catheterization too.  After it was said and done, and I had a diagnosis of anxiety, I had seen six different specialists.  A year or so later, I was reading an article on anxiety, and it said that the average person will see six different doctors before a diagnosis of anxiety is made.  Now fancy that!

Anti-depressants are a real trial and error.  What works for you, might not work for me.  You mentioned starting out on 5 mg of Lexapro, and working your way up to 30 mg.  Are you still on the Lexapro?  How long where you on it from 10 mg, up?  The reason that I'm asking this is that anti-depressants take from 3 to 12 weeks to work, once a therapeutic dose is reached.  For Lexapro, that is a minimum of 10 mg.  I am on Celexa, Lexapro's sister drug, and it has really helped me, but it has taken time.

GAD can last for decades.  Sometimes stress factors are apparent, and other times reasons can't be pinpointed for the onset.  So yes, stress can cause anxiety.

One thing that is key with the symptoms of anxiety, is to learn to accept them and not to fight them.  Fighting them merely sets-up a fear-fear loop that only feeds one's anxiety and makes a bad situation worse.  I know that is hard to master, but it really does help.

I hope that you find a path that works for you.  The very best to you, "J"!...  Chuck
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Re: GAD - How long will lightheadedness last?
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2014, 02:05:40 PM »
Hi jfs85....
I went to a neurologist and he told me I have something called vestibular migraines. not migraines in the sense of pain but vestibular meaning your head/brain. I have floaters 24/7 and they are especially bad if it is bright out. in addition to the floaters I have a constant light headed feeling, sometimes unstability, feeling like im drunk. I also got my hearing tested (for balance) and my vision as well which all checked out. I have a book called cure your headache and is specifies "floaters" as a visual symptom. now who's to say this is what it is, but its a possibility. here's a link to symptoms.   im sure there are many other sites as well
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