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Author Topic: Brain Tumor Fears Are Back. :/  (Read 361 times)

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Brain Tumor Fears Are Back. :/
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:09:32 PM »
Hey,  guys.  It's been quite awhile now since I last posted on here. And I am back with the first post of 2014.  Well,  the fears of having a brain tumor are back once again.  For about 6 months now,  I have been noticing my hair fall off way more tha  it would.  This started back when I got the Shingles.  Well this is still happening and I have noticed strange sensations on my head.  I feel as ifthough I have tiny little bugs walking around inside my head.  It ddoesn't hirt,  but it feels very strange.  And for a few days now,  wheneverI run or jump,  one of the top left teeth of mine hurt.  Almost likr a nerve is being pulled or something.  I fear that all of this might be tumor related.  Perhaps I have a brain tumor that is pressing against a nerve and it'sccausing all these symptom.  I get really sacred.  I Can't go to my doctor because she knows I have anxiety and will only send me to a therapist again because she says I worry about thibgs I don't have  I don't  know what to do.  :(
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