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Author Topic: PTSD and socializing  (Read 594 times)

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PTSD and socializing
« on: January 12, 2014, 09:58:11 AM »
I have had PTSD for a little over four years now. I initially thought I had anxiety/panic disorder, however I have learned over the past year that this is not the case. So, here is my question... Do any of you have a hard time making friends or socializing with the old ones? I am always open and upfront regarding my PTSD so if I am off my game, then perhaps people will understand some. However I find that with making new friends, these people seem put off by my challenge and people that I have known for a while avoid me and treat me like I have a contagious disease. Am I the only one experiencing this? I really would like to make some local friends, but living with PTSD presents some challenges. I do not allow myself to become agoraphobic, if I am having a bad day I still go out and live my life... but lets be honest sometimes it gets overwhelming. So in close, I am just feeling like perhaps it isn't specifically my PTSD, maybe it is a character defect that I am unaware of? Any light shed on this subject would be great.
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Re: PTSD and socializing
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 06:11:57 AM »
PTSD is just another title they put on something that comes along with one of the many forms of anxiety. I would be classed as having it. But from there I went on to become an agoraphobic. It is just something bad from our past. But it will cause anxiety or depression. Maybe even both. Like yourself, I get out and about. I won't say I have many friends. I did spend ten years in the house. Bang went all the friends. But I fought back and got a life back. I think in answer to your actual question, you may actually have some form of anxiety. I don't tell people I suffer from PTSD. To me that is just the label or the base for my agoraphobia. So it would be more a case of trying to find out what your PTSD developed in to. Could be a form of depression. Could be one of the many forms of anxiety. From your words it might be social anxiety. Thus if you think it is you can begin to work on that aspect on things. Trying to put things right again. Others never fully understand anxiety disorders. You have to go through it to fully get what it is all about. I never expect others to understand it fully. I tell those I feel need to know. I don't bother with many others. So your goal is to try and find out what your PTSD lead to by way of anxiety or depression and begin to work on things once you find out.
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Re: PTSD and socializing
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2014, 06:58:12 AM »
i don't think my asocial nature came about from my PTSD, i've had PTSD at 25, a decade ago, and i was a very social person...i simply learned people are hypocrites and treat me as a myth not a person...there is always an agenda with my friends, and when their efforts to own me fail i see their true nature, and intentions - which shows me they were never my friends...
people are disrespectful, inappropriate, dishonest and cannot handle themselves around me - their lack of ability to control me, so it soon becomes a battle, between their inability to control me and my right to be a (semi) free i wasn't always 'asocial and unable to make friends', people have put me off people...

to apply it to you, do you really want those people who are not able to handle you with your ptsd?
those are some week, uninteresting people, i don't even want that kind of people...
i think it is better if you have one person to socialize with but someone that respects you and you boundaries, your integrity, than to have 20 fake friends trying to change you, overpower you, or trick you into stuff...

so, my opinion is you are starting from a wrong premise, that there's something wrong with you, so you cannot make friends, there is something wrong with people and how they make friends, and frankly as long as that is so, im good being a loner...
which i promise you i wasn't always like, i gave people a lot of chances before i was sure people as such do not impress me or make me want to spend time with them...

so choose quality over quantity and you will not regret it...
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