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Author Topic: Intro and Unsure  (Read 315 times)

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Intro and Unsure
« on: January 08, 2014, 07:28:34 PM »
First, I wanted to say hello.  I am new to the boards, but am grateful for the posts and advice I have seen thus far, so thanks to all :)

I am hoping for a bit of advice, or just reassurance.

A bit of background, I was diagnosed with GAD five years ago, at age 27.  At the time, I was experiencing migratory pain, tingling sensations, pins and needle sensations, headaches, insomnia, nightmares about tornadoes when I did sleep, and the list goes on.  My GP thought it was either carpal tunnel or a pinched nerve so he sent me to get an EKG.  The  doctor who performed the EKG, said that absolutely nothing was wrong and that I had nerves of steel since I could tolerate so much pain.  So the GP basically refused to continue helping me, and told me to see a psychiatrist, thus the diagnosis of GAD.  I was prescribed lexapro and cognitive therapy.  Both helped immensely and I was odd the meds two years later (so without meds for the last three years).

Fast forward to this past October.  Following a stressful visit from a relative, I began having pain in my left hip that lasted less than a day.  Then the pain moved to my lower abdomen, so I went to the GP and ER(on separate days).  Both thought I had a UTI since urine tests indicated that blood count was above normal.  The doctor in the ER put me on an IV of cipro and sent me home with a script.  The next morning my GP called to say that the culture came back and was normal, so I stopped the meds.  Tingling started in my right arm and then moved to my back, which felt like fire up and down my spine.  The same day I called my psychiatrist and got a script for lexapro. I felt great for two weeks, and then my neck started cracking every time I turn it to the left.  I freaked out and convinced I had rheumatoid arthritis.  All of my joints felt stiff and my feet grew hot at night.  The joint pin lasted for three days, but the hot feet has continued for weeks.  I have let go of the idea of arthritis, but now fear MS.  My psychiatrist pulled up the results I had in February from a CT scan, which indicated that my head was in great condition for my age.  That seemed to subside my nerves for a bit, but I'm back on the fact that I think I have it.  Since that discussion in early December, I fell down a flight of stairs (I had socks on, the stairs are steep, and I wasn't holding onto the railing), my feet still burn at night, I have had goosebumps like sensations on my scalp off and on for over a week, my neck is still cracking, and my muscles in my legs have been twitching at night for almost two weeks.

I see a new GP later in the month, but just thought I'd see if others have had these symptoms in relation to their anxiety...

Thanks so much :)
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Re: Intro and Unsure
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2014, 11:37:11 PM »
My advice would be to mention these new symptoms to your GP and see if you can get a referral to a neurologist. Not because I think you have MS, but they are really the experts who can help you get to the bottom of your pain. I am willing to bet your spine is out of whack and you have pinched nerves and such (which can be caused by tense muscles from anxiety, btw). Anyways, by seeing a neuro you kill two birds with one stone, they can simultaneously put your MS fears to rest and get you some solutions to your pain. Your GP will likely just blow you off about those issues it seems. Let us know what you find out! :action-smiley-065:
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