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Author Topic: Health Anxiety Heart Worry  (Read 243 times)

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Health Anxiety Heart Worry
« on: January 04, 2014, 02:21:48 PM »
Hi so i'm just looking for some advice as all last year when i lost my job my health anxiety was really bad it had be worried i had cancer that i had hiv liver and kidney problems and twice heart worry and it all starts when im really stressed out i get like sharp pains in my left side of chest then i just worry and think about it all day long and i get chest tightness but cos i have chest tightness i feel like i deep to take deep breaths im not sure that im sort of breath im also looking online for answers and it went away when i had a christmas job but has now come back since that job as finished i can do everything like normal and im sleeping fine to so i guess im just asking is this normal for anxiety as ive had my anxiety uncontrol for a while now but this last year as hit me hard thanks
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Re: Health Anxiety Heart Worry
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2014, 04:13:09 PM »
heart pain is never sharp, or of specific location. If it's sharp, and if you can point to where it hurts, its not your heart. Its almost certainly caused by chest wall muscle pain, from anxiety. There is a test for this, that you can do at home. Basically, put your hand on your left ribs where it hurts, and move them along your side - closer to your back then your chest. Then press firmly between your ribs closest to where the pain is.

This should cause a strangely large amount of pain until you stop pressing. If it does, then its simple, benign muscle pain.
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