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Author Topic: Psychiatrist and therapist appointments, update  (Read 259 times)

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Psychiatrist and therapist appointments, update
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:01:55 PM »
Had both appointments today, my third psych and second therapy appointment. The first went very well. The Lexapro continued to keep my GI tract slow, but my depressive symptoms responded so readily to the medication that she was hesitant to change it, and I agree with her. Herbal tea, healthy food, water and excercise will hopefully keep this side effect under control. She also agreed that there is probably a hormonal component to my symptoms. She advised the Lexapro and my progesterone cream alone for another month, and if they don't keep my cyclical worsened symptoms under control, she suggested that my family doc prescribe me Seasonale which is a birth control pill and may settle things down from that perspective (staying on the Lexapro of course) actually have a physical w my family doc next week so that's convenient.

Therapy appointment was another story. I felt uncertain about her last visit, now I am certain she's not for me. Didn't remember me.....which ok you see a lot of people I get that. But you don't see the notes about me YOU wrote in my chart two weeks ago? She made me repeat a lot of the same stuff, what's my family like, is your husband supportive, what are your goals. I felt I had some clear goals and thought she would make a game plan to work toward them. Nope. I'd requested help w CBT, but she just repeated "counter the negative thoughts"

She kept saying "you have a lot of tools in your toolbox" (because I'm exercising, doing meditation,journaling etc) but didn't get that I needed help utilizing some if those tools, of getting my recovery more organized.  My family doctor was more helpful I the past on coping skills than this therapist was.  She didn't give me any concrete "homework" exercises, told me to "follow up when I needed to"

So I decided she isn't for me. I'm going to continue to do this stuff on my own right now, I think regular followup with my psychiatrist is enough at this point.....I don't want to start fresh with yet another therapist right now. Maybe if things stall out .

Overall I feel good about things though! Still anxious every day but I really feel things are moving in The right direction.
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Re: Psychiatrist and therapist appointments, update
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 08:54:01 AM »
Super news . . . sometimes you need to shop around for an appropriate therapist but if you feel you are moving in the right direction under the care of your psychiatrist, then by all means continue . . . .your therapist appears not be a good match for you . . . . and if you have a good family doctor, well, you have two very good sources for support and guidance . . . when you can, let us know how you are doing and yes, indeed, it does seem you are in the right direction for you . . .take care, kc
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Re: Psychiatrist and therapist appointments, update
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 10:13:18 AM »
Yes - listening to your intuition is a good course to follow, so long as you can tune in, and it sounds like you are.

That gnawing feeling you get when things just aren't quite right for you and that assured feeling feeling you get when they are.

Good to hear that things are moving in the right direction for you.  :action-smiley-065:
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