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Author Topic: Depressed - stomach pains head pains neck terrible feelings like I'm going blind  (Read 404 times)

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Can depression do this since I have awful anxiety as it is? Gf cheated on me I left Friday. Can this cauuse wierd stomach pains and random headaches? I have no good food lately and lots of beer. The one strange symptom is it sea like my one eye doesn't move quick enough with the other, like tight eye blind feelings or something but it's not all day it's just random and I never had this before I left my GF. I had a blood test 2 weeks ago everything was perfect besides my cholesterol. My blood cell count was perfect so I'm not fighting a cancer or  i? Or a brain tumor? I walked into TD BANK before and it like was I wanted to panic like crazy even after the xanax. Idk what to do I really dont.  I had a massage Saturday night and it didn't help anything.
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This sounds a little like a migraine? Have you had those before? When you get an aura, your vision can seem totally off.
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