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Author Topic: Holiday/Special event disappointment?  (Read 139 times)

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Holiday/Special event disappointment?
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:47:30 PM »
For as long as I can remember (I'm 33 now, and I can remember as far back as 7th grade) I have always had a major disappointment after Christmas or my birthday (they are less than 1 month apart) Every year I seem to feel this way. And every year I try to figure out why I feel this way. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the whole getting presents thing.

I just can't pinpoint what causes it.....
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Re: Holiday/Special event disappointment?
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2013, 09:50:19 AM »

I cannot address your issue directly, but perhaps my friend's experience may help . . . Her birthday is on December 26th . . . . what she figured out for her was that ever since she was young, and it had nothing to do with her parents or the presents either, she would feel that Christmas got all the emphasis . . . to her, everyone in the world was focused on Christmas, celebrating Christmas, etc. and so her birthday felt "small" in comparison . . . her parents always made a big thing of her birthday, but she once said that she felt that anyone at her party was chatting more about Christmas than about her excitement because it was her birthday . . . her parents even moved her birthday party to different dates but she said that as a child she wanted to celebrate her birthday on her day, etc. She said that she really did not get by this feeling until she figured it out and until she met the most unlikely "man of her dreams" . . . . several times during the year, he celebrates her "unbirthday" ---- special extra birthday days randomly chosen . . . . oh, they still celebrate her birthday on December 26th, but she said that having unbirthdays were like her special days when she feels that her family and friends are not distracted . . . she loves Christmas time now and she loves her unbirthday celebrations also . . .

All of this to say, is perhaps you might feel a major disappointment because of the intensity and distraction of Christmas and that you might feel that your birthday does not have the buildup that Christmas has . . . . I don't think that it is the whole getting presents thing either . . . . sometimes when we have a reaction when we are young and we are not able to process it, the emotional charge remains and is repeatedly triggered when the circumstances repeat . . . not sure if this applies to you . . . . in any case, celebrate your birthday because there is only one you on this earth and uniqueness is something to be valued . . . take care, kc
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