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Author Topic: I need a place to cry...  (Read 153 times)

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I need a place to cry...
« on: December 20, 2013, 06:33:04 PM »
First off, I am agnostic. I do however believe in angels. I promise not to push my beliefs on to you as long as you do not push your beliefs on me.

On Dec. 11 my husband and I were in an accident. Not at all our fault, we were at a dead stop. Our car was totaled. We were rear ended and then pushed into the vehicle in front of us. Both of us were cut out of the vehicle and taken to the hospital.

The next day we called our insurance agent, gave her all the other insurance claim info etc. Friday morning we get a call from our insurance company saying that our coverage had lapsed. We knew we were behind but never once did we get a cancellation notice or anything. So, we called our insurance agent back, she found us coverage with another company.

Saturday we had to go get a rental car so that hubby could get back and forth to work. We have to pay out of pocket because the other insurance company "isn't sure it was their drivers fault".

Went to see a lawyer today. Basically, he told us that we have no leg to stand on. The payoff of the old vehicle is more than the fair market value. So that means, we have to pay the difference. Which in turn gives us no down payment for a new vehicle.

On top of that is that our house is going into foreclosure for the 2nd time. My car is up on ramps not running.... its too cold here for me to crawl under and see what is wrong with it. My job, when I was hired I was promised not to have any hours under 25/wk. All I have gotten in the past month is 10-16. I also do contract work on line but being that it is contract work, there is no steady work.

I feel like I am standing at the bottom of a hill and there is no end in sight. Often times I feel like I must have done something in a past life or in this life that was so profoundly horrible that I am paying for. Some days thoughts run through my head, and then I think, no, I can't do that because I don't have enough life insurance to help out my husband.

I am just so overwhelmed right now I can't do anything but cry. I had no control over this other person hitting us, I couldn't have magically stopped her from hitting us.... no skid marks, no trying to veering off to the side no warning at all. I don't understand how someone else's mistakes can cause so much heartache for me, the innocent party. Like I said, I must have done something very wrong somewhere in time......
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Re: I need a place to cry...
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 06:12:42 AM »
You done nothing wrong in a past life or this life either. Insurance companies are odd at the best of times. Which is how they make their money. There is so much small print that we never read that favours them. But once we are down it can seem like everything is going against us. If it is going to happen and is bad it will happen to us when we are down at our lowest point. Sod's law. I am not sure if there are any credit companies in your country? Not ones you borrow from. But ones that step in and help you out. Explain to you the best way to deal with these other companies looking for money off you. Here they don't charge. As in Ireland the country is bust. So they are more or less helping people who are having houses and cars taken from them. Explaining the law. What the person can do to stop all this happening. It seems you need something like that. A person to help you sort out exactly what you can do and how you can do it. There is always a way out. A way the average person might not be aware of. Not sure what you would look under to see if such a place exists in your country. Even some citizens advice place. But try break it down. One issue at a time. You are all but broke. So a citizens advice place would help you out. It would be similar to what I said above. They might even know of such a company. You never know till you try.
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