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Author Topic: Ear disorder causing horrible anxiety  (Read 149 times)

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Ear disorder causing horrible anxiety
« on: December 08, 2013, 07:05:25 PM »
Hello, I am so glad I have found a place such as this to talk about my health issues. I am a 31 year old female and I am at my wits end, actually getting really depressed and dont know how to cope with this.

I will try not to ramble and keep this as short as possible. For years ever since my schooldays, I have had terrible trouble with my ears. I wasn't someone who got a lot of infections or anything, just the usual wax build-up, however as ive gotten older, my ears have gotten much worse.

Basically at the minute I am just getting over a head cold, it started two weeks ago- even though the other symptoms went days ago, i am still left with thick green mucus nasal and throat congestion- i can feel my nose still stuffy and i have to clear my throat. And then of course there is my ears.

This past fortnight has been the worst ever for my ears, and I realise the cold started it off, but i have had trouble before with my ears and its never lasted so long. Basically I feel like my ears get plugged up and blocked and with an awful pressure sensation that keeps building and building- never any pain though. I never have jaw or ear pain just the blockage and pressure. I can get muffled hearing or distorted hearing where i hear different sounds all funny even my voice and I just have weird sensations in my ears and head is the only way to describe it. Sometimes i seem to hear too much out of one ear and am hyper aware of my breathing through that nostril.

I am also strange in that I can pop or clear my ears by moving my jaw. I dont even know if this is normal, but i move my jaw for a few seconds and it clears the blockage and i can instantly hear- normally this works perfectly and i need to do this regularly especially when out driving down hills etc- which i dont think is normal either- however i can clear them and its no trouble.

However these past two weeks by moving my jaw sometimes it makes the pressure and blockage worse- instead of the relieving pop and clearing i just make it worse and i have to keep moving my jaws to get my ears back to normal. Is this harming my ears by doing this? Does anyone else have this issue and know the feeling?

Now i have been to ENT's in the past and they have said my eustachian tube is working normally - but how can it be? They look in my ears and see nothing wrong- ive wasted so much money on them. I went to doctor earlier in the week and he said I may have fluid behind the ear due to nasal congestion so i am currently on anti-biotics and decongestants. However i am still having serious issues. I am so anxious i cannot sleep or eat and have nearly passed out more than once due to hunger until i force soup or something as i find the action of chewing too much can make the problem worse as well so ive a phobia of eating. If i swallow hard as well i can clear my ears but its not as effective as the jaw movement.

Can anyone relate or tell me whats wrong or what i should do? I dont have any pain anywhere, i would greatly appreciate some much needed help. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ear disorder causing horrible anxiety
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 05:35:17 PM »
I've had ear problems my whole life.  Do NOT take Benadryl or other types drying meds. This worsens ear concerns.

When I get the clogged sensation, my doctor has told me that gas can get trapped due to the clogged sinus cavities. All we can do is wait for the nasal passages to open up.  I get vertigo with my clogged ears. 

TMJ can cause the clogged ear sensation.  Moving your jar would help until the jaw went back into the 'wrong spot'.
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