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Author Topic: Constant Heart Palpitations  (Read 335 times)

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Constant Heart Palpitations
« on: November 27, 2013, 08:56:11 AM »
Im so scared from this right now.
Since yesterday I've been experiencing these heart palpitations, like my heart is beating too fast and sometimes they keep me awake.
And no matter what I do, I can't calm down.

I'm scared I might have some permanent heart damage from this.

I'm 17 and I've had anxiety symptoms for almost a year now, and they all came on the 31st of December last year so I guess my subconscious thinks they will come again.

As for my heart, I've had 3 EKGs done this year alone, last one in August and all came clear. The first one done in February said I have an arrhythmia but didn't appear on the other two.

I'm scared that this might cause permanent damage, and im irritated because I can't sleep from this. I wake up every 30 minutes and my sleep is so light everything wakes me up.

anyone know any techniques to calm down?
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Re: Constant Heart Palpitations
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2013, 12:59:06 AM »
Ugh, I know where you're coming from! In fact I'm having a bit of this right now as I'm trying to go to sleep, definitely no fun :( I have noticed that for me when this happens, it's better to just not try and go back to/to sleep. Do anything to distract yourself- I know that can be HARD, but it really does help. When that happens, sit up, get out of bed and stand or walk around. I have found that lying down only emphasizes the palpitating feeling. Go get a drink or a snack, sit/stand while reading, watching T.V., going on the Internet, whatever will occupy you. It you wake up and find yourself in a full on panic because of it (those are terrible) just get up and breathe, and try to focus your mind on things around you. It is hard to try and tell yourself to calm down, so I say distraction is great. And I'm going to tell you right now, whenever I wake up in a panic, or am just really anxious, I come here and read posts because for me at least, it helps me relax and provides distraction. I am so sorry you have to deal with this, though, it is no fun! I went through an episode last week where my heart felt like it was skipping a beat every few minutes, and it freaked me out really bad! I just went on the Internet and distracted myself, I also put my hand on my neck because feeling my pulse calmed me, and they went away. That is another thing to try, us heart worriers are encouraged to not feel our pulse ritually, but sometimes just feeling our heart beating normally can help convince us that everything is working okay. Just make sure you have calmed down before trying to go back to sleep, I know how awful waking up with palpitations and then having nothing but light sleep for hours on end can be :/ It's better to just walk away from the situation and try to put it out of your mind. If you are still having troubles, you could take something before bed. I don't know if you take any medications for anxiety, but they would help a lot with controlling your symptoms and anxiety. But leave that as a last resort option, if nothing else works and you absolutely cannot stop the anxiety. I really wish you luck! I go through this a few nights a week usually and these are just my methods of coping, hopefully some of it can help you :) hang in there, you'll get through it!
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