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Author Topic: Did I have a mini stroke?  (Read 547 times)

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Did I have a mini stroke?
« on: April 27, 2013, 08:21:43 PM »
I have had a myriad of tests done incl. heart monitor, ECGs, bloods, pelvic ultrasound... And nothing can be found.

I have been on zoloft 50mg for 2.5 weeks but the first week I was taking half in morning, half in evening.

I went to the dentist yesterday and was extremely anxious and due to adrenalin it took 4 hours for my heart rate to return to normal.

Yesterday morning I was panicking about my experience at the dentist and I had a heightened sense of anxiety. I was in bed with my husband. Suddenly I felt this numb feeling down the left side of my face. I become disorientated and was worried obsessively that I was having a mini-stroke. I managed to get up but my walking was slightly unstable. It was like my brain was slower than my body. I drove to the shop (my concentration was a bit poor) and my speech was fine but in my head I think I was obsessing if it was ok.
I then went for a walk around the block, still feeling slightly unstable (like I was a little drunk).
I came home and threw myself into housework to distract myself from running to the ED AGAIN!
I felt like my head was full or groggy. I continuously checked for stroke signs like my face and arms but I had nothing.

The numb feeling switched sides and then resolved. I then seemed to experienced a heightened sense overload. I felt a bit manic like my mind was trying to prove I wasn't having a stroke. It felt like i was trying to prove to myself and my husband that I was not anxious even though I was.

We went to the mall and I managed ok with my husband but then he asked if I could go into the supermarket and. I had 6 items on my list and started feeling lost and flustered and worried I haven't had a stroke.

In the afternoon I went with a friend to a strangers house with 30 people and felt anxious. I couldn't answer questions properly, my mind was elsewhere.

We went to dinner with friends in the evening and I was so anxious my husband took me home. I took some oxazepam and went to bed and woke up feeling slightly anxious but now I'm ok.

I am just concerned by how awful I felt yesterday compared to today and im wondering if I actually may have had a mini stroke which resolved itself. Maybe I should have went to the ER after all, but months ago I had similar facial symptoms and went to the ER and stroke and heart was ruled out.

God help me. I want my life back. If not for me, for my children.
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Re: Did I have a mini stroke?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2013, 09:16:33 PM »
The first time I had an anxiety attack I had very similar symptoms as you. I was certain it was a stroke or a brain tumor . I got an MRI weeks later and it was nothing. I think this may occur when you have constant attacks like an adrenaline overload. Since you said you had a lot of anxiety before hand this seems like a possibility. I know when my grandfather had a stroke he couldn't even talk. I'm not sure about a mini stroke and I'm not looking it up . Maybe go to regular dr so you don't get all those unnessary tests at the Er. Have you tried any cognitive behavior therapy? There is a good book called anxiety and phobia workbook that many therapist work out of. You can order it from amazon. Authors name is Edmund....
Anxiety is terrible and it sounds like you may have OCD too? From all the checking? I didn't think I had OCD but my therapist said most hypochondriacs do. Wishing you the best
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Re: Did I have a mini stroke?
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2013, 09:35:49 PM »
Sorry you are going through this. I am pret sure you didn't have a mini stroke! I am not a doctor but it is my opinion from personal experience. I felt the exact same symptoms and worried about the exact same thing! Dizzy, out of it completely not myself. The dentist adrenaline thing can be so scary - it happened to me when I was pregnant and already anxious because I hate going to the dentist- my heart beat was so crazy it terrified me so much. Have you ever considered that Zoloft can be giving you the symptoms of dizziness ? I was on Zoloft last year and my dizziness was horrible- the same way you describe feeling! And I was only on 25 mg a day at the time. Dizziness is one of the main side effects of Zoloft. My dizziness from the Zoloft went on for a few months with some days being better then others but I never fully felt like myself. I hope you are feeling better and I really think it sounds like panic attack/ leftover adrenaline / Zoloft side effect .
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Re: Did I have a mini stroke?
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2013, 10:00:09 PM »
Just an fyi for the dentist. They all use epinephrin in novacaine now unless you specifically ask them not to. Epinephrine will cause anxiety, tremors, rapid heartbeat and a myriad of other symptoms. Your strange spell was probably the aftermath of that I am guessing.
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