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Author Topic: Stool positive WBCs, negative for infection. Is this early IBD?  (Read 925 times)

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Stool positive WBCs, negative for infection. Is this early IBD?
« on: January 25, 2013, 07:06:35 PM »
Hi... quick question. I have had these diarrhea flares for about a year now. Sometimes, it would be straight water, going 10-15 times a day. No blood ever. It usually lasts for about a couple weeks then I'll be fine for a month or so, then it comes back. Lately, for the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have been going to the bathroom about 3 times in the morning, sometimes 5 times. Not straight water, just soft and mushy, not formed, and there has been globs of white mucus in the stool. Sometimes, i will only poop out white mucus, and no stool. No abdominal pain. No gas/bloating. Some nausea at times. Had a stool culture done. Came back positive WBCs in stool, negative for infection. Is this an early indicator of crohn's disease? There is no blood in stool.
I had an EGD a year ago and that showed mild crypt hyperplasia and duodenal lymphocytosis, especially at villous tips. Moderate gastritis, negative H pylori. Mild esophagitis, suggestive of reflux. So then i had celiac genotype testing by Prometheus (where they check for a defective gene celiac patients have, and that was negative. I had a colonoscopy and that was normal, biopsies were taken to rule out microscopic colitis, and that was negative. But my jejunum and ileum have never been looked at. Today i am feeling better. My doctor has no answer for me, other than people with irritable bowel do not have white blood cells in their stool, only people with inflammatory bowel do or people with an infection, but i don't have an infection, my stool was negative fungi, bacteria, c dif, parasites, and any other pathogens. My cousin has crohn's of jejunum and ileum and she passed white mucus for 6 years before getting a diagnosis, she finally started pooping out blood.
So for me, it is basically just a wait and see approach. If i get another flare-up, then i can do a CT enterography but i really don't care to, because mostly all my testing is always normal and it's a waste of time. But i am curious if it is the beginning of crohn's disease. I am not anemic or anything. No food allergies, either. I just am frustrated and don't want doctor bills and am not interested in wasting my time on another stupid test.
Anyone else with crohn's disease or problem of small bowel that took FOREVER to get figured out?
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