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Author Topic: Gah, thought I was improving but...  (Read 251 times)

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Gah, thought I was improving but...
« on: January 03, 2013, 05:52:50 AM »
First things first, I'd like to extend a massive "THANK YOU!" to everyone who has helped me so far; I have trouble typing out replies - let alone these messages! - on a phone with dodgy 3G, so I'm sorry my gratitude has been so delayed.

Recently I thought I was doing pretty well for myself. Many of my symptoms disappeared, save for a migraine, but I've had them for years so I'm used to them. I had a fun New Year's Eve, I'm back at work and generally I thought my life was on track again. I wish that was still true, because yesterday I took a turn for the worst.

Yesterday I woke up to find I had accidentally slept on my left arm. It's been aching with some sharp pains recently, so sleeping on it made it a lot worse. I was also very fatigued, despite an usually good night's sleep. Later in the middle of work I found myself short of breath again, and my arm pain spread to my neck, back, jaw and even head. I'd been through this once before so I decided to quickly take a seat for 5 minutes, and let it pass. It took a whole 2 hours for it to subside, and even then my arm pains persisted all day.

Last night was the worst of it though. I couldn't fall asleep at all; I just kept getting jolted awake by a pressure in my head and chest as I tried to doze off. My chest kept hurting under my left armpit and my upper abdomen was throbbing. Worse still, at one point in the night, I found myself sitting up, clutching my chest with both arms, as I felt a weird buildup of pressure in the centre of my chest, followed by what I sincerely hope was a painless palpatation. It left my gasping for air and with a very rapid heartbeat.

I didn't get any sleep after that; the head pressure sensation got worse, even when I didn't try to fall asleep. I'm still feeling short of breath and tight chested now, as though I MUST make myself breath or else I'll pass out on the spot. Of course nobody believes me - my parents have had enough of my worries frankly - so I've popped back here for some reassurance. ^^;

I'm a skinny, reasonably fit 21 year old lad, with minimal family history of heart problems, 5 clear ECGs, a clear blood test and a clear Chest X Ray. Are all my experiences likely to be related to anxiety? (Shortness of breath and that big palpatation are the main ones I'm worried about) Any help would again be greatly appreciated..!
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Re: Gah, thought I was improving but...
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2013, 08:59:01 AM »
Are you really short of breath or do you just PERCEIVE it (air hunger)? 
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