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Author Topic: Cant tell if I'm shaking, vibrating, moving, or imagining it?!  (Read 2230 times)

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So, I keep having this odd feeling that I'm like jerking (picture you're sitting in a chair and someone walks by and accidentally kicks it) or sometimes it lasts longer than that, like I'm vibrating or shaking, but on the INSIDE.  If I look down at my legs, they're not moving, but it feels like they are!  Ugh.  It even makes me feel a little dizzy, or lightheaded or off balance or something.  Being the psycho HA person I am, I'm terrified it is some kind of precursor to seizures, or parkinsons or something. 
THEN, the worst part is that I googled (i know, I know...) an article by mistake about people stressing themselves into having seizures.  They don't have epilepsy, but just some kind of somataform thing that is happening psychologically.  I'm really scared...does anyone have a way to calm down, or offer some reassurance that you've had similar experience and a dr has assured you it's nothing dangerous?!
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Re: Cant tell if I'm shaking, vibrating, moving, or imagining it?!
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 02:36:32 PM »
I get this sensation too just recently.
Hard to really explain but the best I can define it as vibrating on the inside, only I can't see it when I look at myself, but I most definately feel it inside, it's strange indeed. I feel it most in my upper half of my body.Nothing has ever happened because of seizure or anything, just annoyance. I also get the off balance funny head feeling too, I think it's ugly anxiety!
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