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Author Topic: Lexapro Making Me Worse? I need your input!  (Read 2064 times)

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Lexapro Making Me Worse? I need your input!
« on: April 02, 2012, 10:58:34 AM »

I took Lexapro for 6 days at 5mg, then 1 week or so at 10mg and I'm just starting my 3rd week, (2nd week at 10mg).

I feel that it's making my depression worse. I did have a couple of things I was looking forward too almost daily, but now I dont' look forward to anything.  I take Lexapro in the morning, and it definately makes me feel more tired and lethargic it seems, so maybe that is contributing to how I feel, or maybe it's lowering my anxiety a little and so my depression is more felt?

I'm just worried that Lexapro is making things worse, but I hear it can do that before you get better. But ,can it make depression worse before it gets better?  Should I stick it out another week at 10mg?

I also plan to take it at night now, to see if it helps with sleep since I have insomnia (had it for some time), and also might help elliminate the tired/lethargic feeling during the day.  My Doc said to just take it the next day at night, but should I maybe take it at noon, then the next day at night, so it's not so spread out?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

(I've tried paxil and zoloft with bad side-effects.  Lexapro seems to be pretty mild for me, but not sure if it's working or not)


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