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Author Topic: Mind won't stop racing!  (Read 1261 times)

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Mind won't stop racing!
« on: April 18, 2012, 03:02:47 PM »
That's it my mind doesn't quit!
I worry constantly about anything and everything,I worry about what I say, do, think, feel, everything! I worry about people I know, people I don't,example I've read old posts on clinical depression, then I wonder what has happened to them, are they O.K did they do something to themselves I dont even know them, but feel their pain. This is my mind all day long.  I went to the doctor on friday, got some meds, and they sit in my cupboard, absolutely terrified to take them. I'll give an example....
A week and half ago I had a beer 1! I swear I got half way through it, and instant panic attack, I couldn't stop it, why maybe because I'm not a drinker anymore and felt guilt or maybe I thought I would have a allergic reaction? I don't know. The other day I took a claratin I don't know if I have allergies or not, but I took it, 30 minutes after taking it yeppers Panic attack! I don't even think they cause side effects, but there I go again, I think I gave myself side effects from it! I'm so afraid of the meds that may help me, I literally sit here and cry even thinking of taking them, having a nervous breakdown, even the thought of swallowing it makes me sick. My thoughts are if I take the AD my throat might swell shut, then I'm screwed for sure, I'm afraid they'll cause my heart to beat too fast (to a very dangerous level) Won't be able to breathe, make me manic, I'm convinced I'll be one of the very few I'm sure that will have a possibly deadly reaction to these. Stupid thing is I've been on many AD's before and nothing bad ever happened, infact I hardly had side effects period. How did I let myself get to this?? I can't stand this! I'm honestly afraid of everything, living, dying it doesn't matter cause I'm terrified! It's a shitty way to live day in day out. I feel crazy to be honest.
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Re: Mind won't stop racing!
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2012, 03:28:35 PM »
Well you aren't crazy! You are just generating anxiety out of anxiety which is a black hole once you get into it. You need something to break that cycle. The meds could do that. Or you could try lifestyle changes. Importantly, however, I would recommend therapy. Therapy is the thing that will see you getting better.

On a practical note, however, your thoughts are racing because your stress levels are too high. Stress hormones increase the amount of electrical activity in the brain thus causing an increase in thought generation. Doing practical things to lower stress levels like deep relaxation exercises and light to moderate physical exercise can do a lot for our anxiety. Making sure you are eating well is a great boon too. I know its a cliche to say good food, relaxation and exercise, but that is because they are tried and tested means to settle a frantic mind.

You need to take a combined approach to bringing your stress levels down and changing the content of your thoughts.
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Re: Mind won't stop racing!
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2012, 08:15:06 AM »
My mind races from daylight to dark... I have anxiety over having anxiety and so on and so on.... it is a vicious cycle...

I personally won't do meds b/c it makes me worse....  It's my own mind of course but still...

You are NOT crazy and you are definatly not alone!!! 
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