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Author Topic: HELP! difficulty breathing, left side chest pain, back pain, heart palps & more  (Read 11634 times)

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Offline anxiousashley

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Hi all!

My bout of anxiety began 3-4 months ago after seeing my twin sis get hit by a car :o Anyway, I've had a multitude of frightening symptoms, severe anxiety & panic attacks since then. Suprisingly a lot of the symptoms have dissapeared since starting on Cymbalta 30 mg. I recently raised my dose to 50 mg about 4 days ago and am getting scared again.

Here's my symptoms:
- Heart palps/ rapid heart beat (especially right after taking the cymbalta) / bad constant chest pain & tightness
- difficulty breathing/ excessive yawning & was a lot worse but has gotten somewhat better but still there
- left side breast & shoulder pain that sometimes extends into the arm and arm
- constant back pain
- occasional nausea & stomach pain
- twitching if i forget to take my cymbalta

I've been checked for heart problems & breast problems...all clear
My bp has gotten high as 202/110 before I was on the meds....Now it is usually 120/70...but can get as high as 150/90
I've had chest xrays, ct scans of my lungs, ekg's, an echo...nothing shows but possible enlarged heart on the chest xray although i had a normal echo

Med Regime:
- 20 mg Cymbalta in the morning
- 30 mg Prevacid in the morning
- 65 mg Iron supplements in the afternoon (for anemia)
- 30 mg Cymbalta at night
- Neurontin as needed for pain...I just started the neurontin as my doctor wanted me to get off the Ativan (.5mg)

My thing my symptoms sound worrisome?
Any ideas as to what could be causing these?
Most worrisome symptom is the left side chest pain...

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on my symptoms

Thank You,
Ashley =)
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Offline Hunniedeww24

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Well for one, you've checked out fine with the docs, which is awesome. I've checked out healthy with the docs too. I Know the hard breathing, yawning and sighing is anxiety, been there done that. I did that with my high anxiety long before i got heart anxiety. Same with nausea, although some of that could probably the meds you take. And the twitches come with the constant release of adhrendaline(sp) from anxiety and attacks, so when u don't take your meds, there they are..... See i have GERD and IBS, my lefft chest pains AND flutters come with gas, or indegestion. They say its just anxiety but i often wonder. Oh yeah i did get checked out for the left side chest pain and it was said that its my stomach problems AND because of my back and shoulder muscles are extremely tight, which is bothering my ribs...Right above my heart..if i press on the ribs around it , they hurt really bad. I don't know if any of this helps but this is what i was told!!!
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