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Author Topic: Sinuses, head pain, face falling off, nose bleed, clenching teeth, OH MY  (Read 4846 times)

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What a title!  Folks, my sinuses are horrible.  Always have been.  Today while coming home from work I got a nose bleed.  On top of that I had a sharp pain on the top of my head...still lingering.  Left side of face feels like it wants to slide off and I can tell I have beel clenching my teeth.  On top of that, my mind has gone into overdrive making me think I am having a life-threatening episode.  That causing nausea, weakness in legs, and dizziness.  I'm wiped out now. 

Is it possible to think you're calm and still be stressed out and experience anxiety symptoms? 

My symptoms have gotten the best of me this evening.  Yes...I Googled   :(    knowing full well this was another one of "those days".  Amazing how we can diagnose our problems to anxiety, but we don't think that way when an attack occurs...or when something doesn't feel right.
Right now I feel very tired...and rightly so.  Up early, hard day at work, stressed when got home having to deal with 15-year old.  Also, my sinuses are backed up (as always).  I think the nose bleed was caused by dry air.  The sharp pain is nothing more that a muscle spasm on top of the skull.  Clenching of teeth from worrying about everything.  Face sliding from anxiety.

I'll chalk this afternoon/evening up as a step back.  Look to take a few steps forward come tomorrow and the next day. 

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