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Author Topic: Xanax and Tylenol PM?  (Read 18284 times)

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Xanax and Tylenol PM?
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:38:55 PM »
Hi all ... I am new to the forum and I am having a rough time sleeping for the past 11 days .... I know this is nothing compared to many of you but it is very scary ...

My deal is every time I begin to fall asleep (in bed, in a car, on the couch, on the bus, etc..) I jump wide awake a few times, then that settles and I begin to get an empty nervous feeling in my stomach and body over and over again, and then I experience my heart skipping. 

I landed in the ER a few days ago and nothing came up in blood, EKG, chest xray.  I was not able to fall asleep in the ER so they did not get to monitor me when I experience an actual "event".  I will be getting a heart event monitor tomorrow to make sure there is nothing wrong.

My regular doctor and the ER think it is all anxiety.  So for the past 4 nights I was given .5mg of xanax to help me sleep.  It is only marginally effective.  I sleep for 2 hours get up then maybe another 3.  In the morning I don't feel rested at all.

The scary part for me is the skipped beats.  Called the cardiologist today and he told me that the event monitor will help determine if I have a heart issue.  He then said to sleep tonight I should take Tylenol PM with my .5 xanax??

Has anyone combined those two drugs before?  I am very worried to do it but I am so desperate to sleep.

Thank you all for any help.


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Re: Xanax and Tylenol PM?
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2010, 04:15:55 PM »
Might have some helpful info. Back when I was on xanax 1mg regulary and I would catch a cold or flu I would combine the xanax with nyquil or ibuprofen and wake up just fine. I too also get skipping heart beats but I've learned to ignore them as best as I can since most of the time they happen when I'm on a new med or weening off one.
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Re: Xanax and Tylenol PM?
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2010, 05:45:17 PM »
It should be fine.

Personally, I would prefer to be on a longer lasting benzo like Klonopin for sleep.  I had the same problem you are having where I would start to drift off and wake back up suddenly with this feeling like I was suffocating.  I also got the uneasy feeling in the stomach.  I no longer use it, but I have a long lasting benzo called Clorazepate (generic of Tranxene SD).  The times when I had to use it were VERY helpful for resting.  It would last through the night and most of the next day.  Xanax only works for a few hours.  It works fast, but doesn't last very long.
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