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Author Topic: allways thinking im gonna have a heart attack  (Read 11601 times)

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allways thinking im gonna have a heart attack
« on: August 31, 2005, 11:28:20 PM »
Hi all i have not been on this site in a while so i had to start a new account. but anyways i am having a real tough night tonight so i need to do something lol. i am 26 years old and i constantley think im having a heart attack or about to, it takes away from alot of things that i would like to do like play with my son etc. my boyfriend says that its all in my head,I say if so why can i feel things externaley? i get pain in my left arm ALL the time, pain in chest, short of breath etc. all the symtoms of a heart attack am i going nuts here or what? ive had this now 4 about 9 to the point now where i just cry i feel like am going crazy. (i ask god y does this happen to me?)all i want is to feel normal and not scared all the time.its so hard to explain i just break down( like now im crying just talking about it)can anyone give any advise? plzzzz      cyring ...jess  :(
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Re: allways thinking im gonna have a heart attack
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2005, 09:19:35 PM »
i no how u feel, i constantly get symptoms that are exactley as described with what i think i have, its tough...if uve been feeling this for 9 years dont u think something wouldve happened already, heart attacks dont take years to build up they just happen, not at an age as young as urs either, odds r its chestwall pain, u might feel better to get it checked and here from a doc through testing that ur fine as proof, ur not alone
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Re: allways thinking im gonna have a heart attack
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2005, 04:26:24 PM »
    I recently had a heart scare . Chest pains and palpitations. Out of the blue so I know what fear you have.
    Ended up wired up in A&E ( E.R)
    There is a saving grace to your predicament.
     I had a specific blood test for heart attacks - It's called
   Troponin 1 .   This is 100% accurate
    If it's above 0.01 ( the lowest measureable amount ) you've had a heart attack.
    It can also give an idea of how severe  eg 7.0 is severe.
     If it's below 0.01  you DEFINITELY HAVEN'T had a heart attack  and it can detect a heart attack from up to 3 months previous. 
    Mine was 0.01 - guess what ... It was stress ...but it sure felt real to me.
    The house officer ( i'm in the U.K ) said  'Oh by the way we're concerned you appear to have high blood pressure..' 
      Hardly a surprise when you think you've had a heart attack !!! Sheesh !!! :laugh:
     I suggest you get the test done and also an ECG which could tell you if your heart has a problem  of  rhythm.(i know a lot about heart attacks now !)
     Heart attacks are not mysterious. They are caused by blod clots in the vessels that supply the heart . Medication can stop this happening if there is a problem.
     Please don't be scared to get tested because not  knowing or being scared is surely a lot worse.
     I don't know  what the cost of this would be if you had to pay for it.

      Hope this helps

      Regards Bill

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Re: allways thinking im gonna have a heart attack
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2010, 11:06:11 AM »
i know what your feeling same here!
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