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Author Topic: "Keyed up, anxious, nervous, tense, adrenaline racing, hyper "is it anxiety?  (Read 13895 times)

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Offline angeliz

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I hope maybe some of you who have some form of anxiety can help me so I dont have to make another trip to the Dr to only be told "Its anxiety".  I have gone thru so many emotions..fears for so long that you would think that I would know just what it is, but I dont. I question every time I have a "wierd" feeling, what is it? A brain tumor, a imbalance in my body ( duh), what!?
I have for 2 weeks been suffering from what feeling like a time bomb ticking in me. Im HIGHLY anxious. I feel so tense, short of breath, confusion, blurryness, shaking inside....I feel like I have just taken a whole bottle of speed. I try to cover it up by talking to family or co-workers just in general and because Im so "wired" I find myself talking to fast..interupting their sentencing as they talk to me. I have to some times bite my tongue to make myself slow down.....
So this just part of an anxiety attack??? When I am like this, I feel I cant focus on anything. My mind races and all that. I was seeing a psyh dr for a year and half every week. Sometimes 2 times a week if needed. He said Im not Bi-polar. He said in seeing me for that period of time, every week, that he would of seen it in me if that was what it was. He said its all a matter of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

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Offline wisslewj

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This is similar to what I was feeling.  Very wired up.  Mind racing. Tons of wierd feelings and symptoms. Really tense shoulders and back.  Burning skin on the neck and back. Short of breath on and off. (which really freaks me out!) And the really cruddy one: My heart would race all day at about 120 average. (Until I got the meds and then the theanine.)

All sounds familiar.  As I stated in another post, at the moment thats all gone save a small bit thats annoying me.  My pulse is solid at 70 with no meds. I am so thanking God that the storm seems to be passing.  If my protocol proves successful, I will be happy to share it with you if it can help.  After going through this, I am of the opinion know one should have to live this way!

I truely belive that the part that seems to be helping me the most was Gods mercy as it came from someone I wasnt even seeking out.  He gave me some knowledge that seems to be so helpful.  Time will tell.  But I am greatful to be making progress! :)

I hope you are feeling better soon!
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Offline cubmanben

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All of the things you described in the title line all are certain signs of anxiety, that's for sure. The racing thoughts and the physical symptoms are all real good indicators. I used to get a lot of the same things before I started on medication. I'd get heart palpitations and chest pain, double vision, lightheadedness, you name it. I just "knew" something was majorly wrong with me. I'd have days where I couldn't get my mind off of it and all I'd do is research the internet trying to self-diagnose because I didn't think that there was any way that anxiety could cause all of this awful stuff. I don't know that I'd classify what you have as anxiety attacks. I know I have had some full blown attacks but my biggest problem was the rentless racing thoughts and inability to relax that ultimately drove me to get help. It doesn't sound like bi-polar at all from what you describe. You come down from those and get the extreme lows too. Have you taken any medication or discussed that with your psych? That may be a good option to help slow your racing thoughts down.
As for your story wissle... it's good to hear. The Bible says that God will never give you more than you can handle and that even though he is distant at times, he's always there with you. Through suffering we are made to be more like Christ who suffered the ultimate sacrifice in dying for us on the cross. We all have trials and tribulations in our lives, but that's just part of living and that God will always see us through! I'm glad to hear that you're doing well Jeff and I hope that your faith continues to grow and that you continue to get better!!
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