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Author Topic: Racing thoughts, tension, anger/irritable, unable to concentrate  (Read 7221 times)

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Racing thoughts, tension, anger/irritable, unable to concentrate
« on: November 13, 2008, 12:31:48 PM »
Ive posted on here under various topics. But here I am going on with the same stressful symptoms again and Id really like some honest people here who expierence these feelings to tell their side and what has worked for them to get relief and QUICK.

My mind race a 1,000 miles an hour. Cant set and do breathing cause I cant concentrate enough.
It jumps from one thought to another.
I feel like Im in this glass bubble looking at everyone around me. When they talk to me, I can respond, but it feels "unreal". I stop and thing what to say and even go back over my words cause it sounds dumb.
I feel like Im a walking Zombie. Feel like I have to fake smiles, laughs, converstaions...cause my mind is in this whatever mode!
I go around the house trying to do things and lose track of what i was doing. Starting one job and not finishing it and starting another.
Such as starting the washer, and meaning to get more clothes to put in other than whats already in there but I go back into the bed room and start doing my hair and then later walk back into the wash room and there is the lid up, the washer stopped and im like DUH!
Just cant focus to do much of anything. Driving makes me nervous!
Catch myself holding my breath. Sometimes I shake inside, sometimes I shake outside really bad. Jaw gets tight, throat gets tight. It passes with a Ativan or or going into another room and just talking myself thru it.
The racing mind I cant quit
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Re: Racing thoughts, tension, anger/irritable, unable to concentrate
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 01:46:35 PM »

Oh boy do I ever relate to this.  I remember laying awake for hours at night, getting up to do something cause if I didnt I would forget to do it in the morning, and if I didnt get up, I would lay there thinking of it over and over till 2 hours later I get up to do it so I could go to sleep...only to have something else pop in my head. 

I remember the first clonazepam/klonopin I had...I actually saw the room I was sitting in.  My mind was blank other than what I saw or heard.  I looked at my husband and thought..."this must be how a man feels when you ask him what he is thinking and he says nothing"!!  It was the greatest thing ever!! I only take it when I am extremely axious, but found the right med to control my anxiety an a daily basis.  A lot of help for me was the cognative behaviour therapy.  Now that my thoughts were clearer and not so busy, I was able to focus on the therapy and learning more how to control the negative thoughts that still rial me up.  Wow.  Once your mind slows down, you can work on the rest and actually be able to focus.

The combo of meds and CBT were the right thing for me.  Altho I still struggle from time to time...I sleep at night and can tell when I forgot to take my meds cause I'm laying awake long past my usual time to fall asleep.

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