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« on: September 04, 2014, 12:17:38 AM »
Greetings fellow worrywarts,

My name is Shelly and I have a lot of anxiety disorders. One of the worst ones to deal with is my hypochondria; I am constantly worrying about death and dying. If I'm not worrying about getting some sort of cancer, I'm worrying about going into anaphylactic shock, or getting into a horrific car accident, etc etc etc. I am also obsessed with worrying about my loved my toddler developing childhood leukemia or my teen getting abducted, raped, then murdered. (What a horrible life I lead, right?)

Today I was feeling under the weather, and that quickly turned into me believing I have developed some sort of terminal illness. I was so worried that I couldn't do anything besides search the internet for anxiety forums to ease my mind, and here I am.

It's really exhausting being me. 😔
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