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Author Topic: Need advice about possible depression  (Read 383 times)

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Need advice about possible depression
« on: August 24, 2014, 07:08:09 PM »
Hi All,
I'm looking for answers and advice that I can't seem to find anywhere else.  My default state of mind these days seems to be feelings of disappointment, restlessness, lack of self-fulfillment, no hope of future satisfaction, etc.  I am also extremely two points in the same day I can go from feeling happy about life to complete despair about my plight in this world.  I am an extreme mind is constantly working to find the "greener grass" on the other side of the fence.  When my mind is churning and thinking about what "should be," or "what might've been," or "what if," or "why does this seem to happen to me." and "what can I do to make it better," I pretty much stay unhappy, disgruntled, and dissatisfied with life.  My wife seems to think the perfectionist in me is what keeps me unhappy.  Her theory is that because I have this idealistic view of life, that any thing less than perfect is always going to make me unhappy.  And as we all know, life is anything but perfect.  As an example, I wanted for years to get out of my past job situation for several reasons...after working towards that end for several years, I was finally able to secure what I envisioned as my dream job.  However, after a few short months, I soon realized that I was just as unhappy as before and have now convinced myself that another job in a different field would be more rewarding, self-fulfilling, etc.  I have in the past tried drugs such as Paxil and Cymbalta...and they actually worked wonders in the area of slowing my perfectionist brain down which allowed me in turn to enjoy my current circumstances and relish the here and now rather than focusing on what was wrong and what was missing in life.  HOWEVER, and a big However, the other side effects of those types of medicines were too severe for me to handle.  For all the good that those drugs did for me, the side effects created a different level of unhappiness that almost outweighed the positive effect I was looking for and actually got!  I would really like to take something that could have the same effect on my brain that a Cymbalta or Paxil had but I don't want to face the side effects of those types of meds.  The frustrating thing for me is that I don't feel like my situation is (lucky for me) serious enough to warrant full-time SSRI-type meds, but I do fell like I need SOMETHING to help with the chemical imbalance in my brain.  Is there any type of all-natural regimen that has worked for people in a situation similar to mine?  Are there other prescription drugs that might have the effect I'm looking for (slow down my brain and ease the never-ending churning in my brain that strives for minute by minute perfectionism)?  I constantly read and listen to material that is supposed to help this kind of thinking, but any positive effect those activities create for me doesn't seem to STICK! After a few days of feeling pumped or encouraged by something I've either read or listened to, I'm back to my same old worrying and complaining self.  I strongly feel that there is a chemical imbalance, but I'm not really sure how to improve my situation.  I do all the recommended things that I've heard through the years...exercise, eat right, etc.  Any advice or suggestions for RX's, natural supplements, etc.?
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Re: Need advice about possible depression
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2014, 08:16:23 AM »
No doubt there are chemical imbalances in the brain. For some meds are indicated once they find what works for them. I go holistic but it is work. Must be on guard every day. Must go through routines every day. Hold on to CBT, ACT, meditation, yoga, tai chi, walking, journaling. Don't fight the bad days knowing there will be good days.

Self-analysis helps too developing an understanding of our origins and how we were conditioned in childhood. It was my brother's horrific end that gave me the insight I could not grasp earlier. You might try a shrink willing to help you with talk therapy. There is hope.
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