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Author Topic: fibromyalgia? fasciculations  (Read 3032 times)

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Re: fibromyalgia? fasciculations
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2014, 06:17:21 AM »
thanks guys, i am having a tough day so far today. Ever since i got my period thursday i feel just like total crap and emotional. IT SUCKSSSSSS!!!!!! THis morning i wake up, fasiculations in my entire body out of control, feeling in a state of panic before i even get out of bed, and a restless feeling like my body is going to explode and i need to get up and run, also my hips hurt, my chest hurts/feels heavy, my neck and my shoulders hurt, and my stomach  and lower back hurt from the period. I am going down the shore and my periods are so heavy that i wont be able to wear a bathing suit which sucks. Not to be gross, but they are so bad i can't use tampons, i have to use the heavy duty overnight pads and pass huge clots all day which sucks. Ive been up since 5 am and i feel tired but i cant sleep. I also have positive chvostek sign, that is where you tap the facial nerve by the jaw joint and the face spasms. Ive had that for a while but it comes and goes, that is still why part of me thinks there is medical reason i am having problems that the doctor missed, but another part of me says its just anxiety. I think anxiety is secondary to what i am going through though but either way i have to learn how to think different. I wish i had an appt with a therapist right now. I just need to hear someone say you are going to be ok and it's ok that you feel this way, and i understand. I know i will feel better soon but i just hate going through this all the time every month it's worse during menstruation. I also wonder if my hormones are messed up, because the past few months i developed hyperpigmentation on my face, i think it's melasma. Except im not pregnant and im not on the pill. So my hormones or estrogen level i think makes it appear, then sunlight makes it worse.
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