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Author Topic: Anxiety about the health of others  (Read 410 times)

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Re: Anxiety about the health of others
« Reply #10 on: August 24, 2014, 04:14:29 PM »
I worry about my kids and husband all the time.  I try not to show it to my kids.  But, if they say "I have a belly ache, head ache, or any ache"... In my head I'm already going over the list of things I pray that it's not...  But, to them I just say, "it will be okay, you'll feel better soon,"...unless it's obviously something that needs to be dealt with right then.  I do not want them to be like me.  My five year old already shows symptoms of HA and I'm trying to stop it.

As for you husband saying "God will take care of me".  I'm a devout Christian too.  But, I do know that God expects us to do our part.  You body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and as such, should be treated with respect. 1 Cor 6:19.

Also, it would be akin to saying, "If I jump off this mountain, God will take care of me and I won't get hurt".  Jesus is very clear on this matter in:  Matthew 4:9-12

Maybe you could ask him to read those and it will help him realize that he should do his part to be healthy.

Thanks, Jer. I have mentioned this to him before but didn't know the specific passages that referenced it. My argument was "God gave you a body, don't you owe it to him to take care of it while you've got it?" He agreed and was really good for about a month, then slipped right back, unfortunately. And it's very strange that he's like that when his mom, who doesn't own a book without "Jesus" in the title and has so many crosses in her house it's like visiting Carrie White's mom, goes for regular colonoscopies and all the other stuff grown-ups are supposed to do.

I'm sorry about your little one! Hopefully it's just a phase, and s/he will grow out of it.

@Mollyfin, yeah, he drives me crazy! Sure we all eat stuff that we know is bad because it tastes good (I'll admit - as he was wolfing down his General Tso's, I was housing a cheesesteak - one of the 2-3 I allow myself per year) but if I got sick, I'd say "Okay, not eating THAT again!" and I wouldn't complain because I'd know it was my own fault I felt like crap. And people don't understand why I don't want children  :laugh3: I imagine it's hard watching your parents get old. Mine are in their mid-60s, but they're so young at heart it's difficult to imagine them actually getting old. I'm sure it'll be a rude awakening. Hang in there  :happy0062:

@chunkymonkey, glad your mom is okay!
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Re: Anxiety about the health of others
« Reply #11 on: August 24, 2014, 05:09:34 PM »
I too worry about my husband and daughter but I tend to see things more rationally with them.   However if one of them said, "I think I'm losing weight" and they weren't trying I start freaking out (not that I tell them, but casually I say something about how they are eating less to see if they ARE - 9 out of 10 they then recall eating less than normal "lately"!  If it's something like a headache I don't think brain tumor (though I would for ME) I think more rationally - "Oh it's his sinuses"
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