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Author Topic: High Neutrophils Count! Freaking out!  (Read 589 times)

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High Neutrophils Count! Freaking out!
« on: August 19, 2014, 07:36:03 AM »
Hi everyone,

As some of you know my feared disease is Leukemia.  I had a CBC done on the 15th of July and when I called in for the results the nurse told me they were normal.  Yesterday I had my 1 month checkup with my primary care doctor and she was going through my lab results and asked me if I had an upper respiratory infection during my last visit.  I stated no and she said well your nuetrophils were a little high and then she just dropped the subject and moved on.  I then told her about how my gums had been bleeding and swollen even after my dentists visit and wondered if I maybe needed an antibiotic. 

She took a look in my mouth and told me not to worry and get some vitamin C supplement.  Anyways, I looked at her and told her this was one of the reasons I had been freaking out and what in the world were nuetrophils that it was going to make me worry tremendously.  She stated they usually go high in the case of an infection and says it is nothing to worry about and the rest of my results were normal.  She then turned her laptop towards me with the results and my WBC was 9.2 normal for those was 4 something to 10.  Platelets 198.  Nuetrophils 76.6% normal was like 40-75.  She said that since it was one number above normal that the machine automatically flags it and assured me not to worry. 

However, apparently even with her assurance I came home and googled for the first time in weeks about nuetrophils.  Of COURSE, a high count can indicate leukemia!  I know I should not have googled, but I guess I couldn't help it.  I for once thought this fear would go away for a little bit considering I thought I had a normal CBC and the dentist was not concerned.  Yet, now the bleeding gums are back.  I have a high count on my CBC and I found this weird bloodspot inside my mouth last night on the lower part of my gums and this morning it like popped and now its gone!!! The whole terrible HA is back and my doctors reassurance is doing nothing for me.  Her biggest concern with me right now is my heart rate which has been in the 120's both visits.  She scheduled me another appointment for next month and if it is not down she wants to put me on Atenol (sp).  And she asked if my legs were swollen and felt them to see if they were after listening to my heart rate.  They weren't swollen, but I am confused as to why she would think they were.  The appointment was so quick I didn't get much time to ask my questions and she just brushes my concerns off anyways.

My biggest question is....has anyone had a slightly elevated nuetrophils count with nothing being wrong?  Just maybe stress or something?  Also, if it was leukemia would other things be elevated and how high would leukemia elevate it?  Also, as for the bleeding gums, I know it is not buildup anymore as my teeth were cleaned on the 7th.  Will the bleeding ever stop, or is this something i will just have to deal with?  My teeth are in good shape only one cavity, it is just my gums that are bleeding and swollen. 

Thanks for any help just needed to vent!
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Re: High Neutrophils Count! Freaking out!
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 08:03:35 AM »
ummm.....if you got bloodwork done, and your WBC count wasn't through the friggin roof, you don't have leukemia.
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Re: High Neutrophils Count! Freaking out!
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2014, 02:00:36 PM »
Red flags for leukemia would be platelet count and white blood count. One point off from "normal" is absolutely NOTHING to worry about!!!!! 
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