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Author Topic: Fear of being stalked/assaulted/killed  (Read 836 times)

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Fear of being stalked/assaulted/killed
« on: August 17, 2014, 04:56:51 AM »
I've been having really bad anxiety recently-mostly around either being murdered or stalked/assaulted in some way. I've started to be afraid of people hacking my iPad and laptop webcams. I check my closets and under the bed every night before I go to bed in case someone is waiting there for me. The slightest crack of leaves outside sends me into a panic. I am starting to be afraid of getting to close to people in case they aren't what they seem.

I don't know really what else to say...I just wanted to put it out there and hopefully commiserate.
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Re: Fear of being stalked/assaulted/killed
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2014, 09:32:08 AM »
Is there any reason for you to feel this way? Maybe saw it in a film. Saw it on the news. Then we look at the reality. As in the past up to the present day. I assume you have never had such a thing ever happen to you before? So up to this time you have always been safe. Hacking a web cam. Forget about that one. Hacking is not like you see in the movies. You would have to be worth hacking. People like myself and you are just not worth hacking. As for getting to know and trust people, well, we look to the past again and ask have you have ever anybody let you down badly in the past? Any reason not to trust people at all? Just questions we ask ourselves to try and be rational with the thoughts we are having.
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