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Author Topic: Ibs, stomach/colon cancer, or just good ol mr anxiety?  (Read 811 times)

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Ibs, stomach/colon cancer, or just good ol mr anxiety?
« on: July 12, 2014, 04:35:03 AM »
If I eat bad (breads, fried foods) I will get bad cramping painful stomach bowel movements that are extremely painful. Can occur a day later. I am normally constipated 2-3 bm a week. Also, I have breathing issues. Worse after eating bread, or being full. I noticed my breathing is better when I slide my hand down my stomach to push it. Endoscopy clear. I noticed my breathing is worse when hungry. 

Other symptoms:
Numbness tingling happen easily on arms and legs(if I bend my arm it tingles within seconds, sit on a toilet leg goes numb in 5 seconds).
-circulation was fine
-blood pressure good
-dizzy when standing(breathing gets worse)
- if I sit too long my lower back gets achy and my whole body gets extremly fatigued.
-lie down too much and neck aches
-exercise intolerance
-sigh nobody cares lol
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