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Author Topic: Tender spot behind ear -- anyone else have this?  (Read 204 times)

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Tender spot behind ear -- anyone else have this?
« on: July 10, 2014, 09:35:07 AM »
Last night I noticed that it was tender behind my right ear. It might be very slightly swollen, but it's hard to tell. (My husband said he didn't think it was.) I think it might feel swollen because it's tender. Has anyone else ever had this? Could it be allergy related? Or tension?

I'm also feeling what kind of feels like a toothache on my right side, but it's not one spot, it's just kind of like achy gums (top & bottom). I've been having this on & off with my seasonal allergies, so I've been assuming it's probably sinus related. My ears have also had a full feeling on & off for a few days now. Again, this has been on & off with my allergies. I still have the "off balance" feeling sometimes, but I did have a few days this week where it didn't happen at all.

I took sinus meds this morning to see if that helps at all. I haven't taken anything in several days because I wasn't sure if anything was helping. I have a doctor appointment the end of next week because I am wondering if I have a sinus infection. I wanted to go sooner, but I had an issue with my insurance, so I was waiting to hear back on that. Figured I could tough it out until then.

If the tender spot isn't allergies, I do wonder if it's tension because I've been holding a lot of tension in my neck & shoulders lately. I've been doing stretches, massages, and just trying to relax a little. I've really got to find an outlet for relieving the tension & not letting myself get so stressed. Maybe a punching bag?! lol...
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